Rosa Parks Scholarship Past Winners

Rosa Parks Scholarship Past Winners

2014 Rosa Parks Winners

Joshua Higgins

Megan Seabron

2014 Rosa Parks Winners

Joshua W. Higgins

  • “Privilege and Poetry”

Megan Seabron

  • “Through the Looking Glass”

2012 Rosa Parks Winners

Catherine Jensen

  • “Queer Girl Dreams: An Exploration of Identity”

Perri Rothweiler

  • “Transcendence of Memory”

2011 Rosa Parks Winners

Miguel Huerta

  • “Injustices through My Eyes”

Jamie Jaramillo

  • “Underwear Aisle”

Elise Samuelson

  • “Geography”

2010 Rosa Parks Winners

Brandi Ballard

  • “Patriarchus”

Elise Samuelson

  • “Geography”

2008 Rosa Parks Winners

Melissa Nugin

  • “A Way with Words”

Cheri Soulia

  • “Light of Diversity”

2007 No Winners

2006 Rosa Parks Winners

Elizabeth Chapman

  • “Reclaiming My Wounded Soul”

2005 Rosa Parks Winners

Kimberly Aronstam

  • Video, “Rainbow”

Rocio & Rosaura Padilla

  • Photographs and essay, “Crossing the Border in Search of a Better Future”

2004 Rosa Parks Winners

Amy McDowell

  • Essay, “Jane Addams: Going Beyond the Block”

Laura Stanton

  • Essay, “Has The Glass Ceiling Been Broken? The Issue of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace”

Nancy Wells-Georgia

  • Video, “What Should I Say?”

Suzanne Luff

  • Essay, “The Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century Has Been Redefined to Include Persons with Disabilities”

2003 Rosa Parks Winners

Samantha Marie Roberts Christiansen

  • Musical Performance, “Avocado Seeds”

Abigail C. Funk

  • Research Essay, “Jury Selection and Racial Discrimination”

Cynthia Parr

  • Videotape, “Women and the Search for Voice” “Las Mujeres y el Descubrimiento para la Voz”

Sarah-Rosanne Schmidt

  • Musical Performance, “The Negro Spiritual”

2002 Rosa Parks Winners

Joelle Lopez

  • Essay, “Should Something Be Done About the Latino Stereotypes”

Kollin Luman

  • Poem, “Poems on America”

Heather McGhee

  • Essay, “At the Risk of Sounding Black”

Jamie Tucker

  • Painting, “Rosa”