Cesar Chavez Scholarship Past Winners

2014 Cesar Chavez Winners

Shelby Shively:

Susan Brady


2013 Cesar Chavez Winner

Rose Kotoff

  • “Perception and Action How Embodiment Can Lead to Tragedy”

Shelby Shively

  • “Domestic Violence in Native American Communities”


2013 Ceasar Chavez Winners

Kaelyn Tischer

  • The Roommate


2012 Ceasar Chavez Winners

Ismael Andrade, Jr.

  • “The Effects of Depriving, Hyper Criminalizing, and Being Uninvolved with Latin Youth”

Brett Gray

  • “Life is a Drag: The Personal Reflections of an Aspiring Drag Queen"


2011 Ceasar Chavez Winners

Brandi Ballard and Elise Samuelson

  • “Revisioning Cultural Memory: The Legacy of Lynching in the United States”


2010 Ceasar Chavez Winners

Marcus Espinosa

  • “Sins of our Fathers: The Effects of NAGPRA on Anthropology and Native American Relations”


2009 Ceasar Chavez Winners

Crystal Rizzo

  • “Ethnic Identity Formation in Transracial Adoptees”

Jessie Carlson

  • “To Make America Safe for Democracy”


2008 Ceasar Chavez Winners

Kevin Johnson

  • “A Critical Passing: On the Fiction of Mrs. Parker”

Sarah Cyr

  • “Rosa Parks: Not an Accidental Activist”

Vanessa Wall

  • “A Multicultural Approach to Psychological Teaching and Practice in the United States”


2007 No Winners



2006 Ceasar Chavez Winners

Brittney Lacy

  • Gender and Sexuality: A Look at the Sexuality Among Partners of Transgender Individuals


2005 Ceasar Chavez Winners

Amy McDowell

  • Essay, “The Deep South” (a hypothetical group exhibition)

Nicole Vallance

  • Essay, “Youth Gender Biases in Gender Dominated Occupations”