Women's & Ethnic Studies

WEST Certificates

Global Studies

The WEST program approaches the study of global social phenomena as a complex and dynamic product of multiple regional, ethnic, and institutional identities from a transnational perspective.

Latino/a Studies

This concentration is designed to highlight the diverse experiences of the various Latino/a communities in the United States, and engage students in the ongoing debate regarding how transnational Latina/o identifications are constructed and defined.

Native American & Indigenous Studies

The Native American and Indigenous Studies investigates not only American Indian issues, but also the concept of indigenous knowledge worldwide, with special emphasis on Indian Nations within the United States, First Nations in Canada, and Pacific Islanders.

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Gender and Sexuality Studies seeks to understand sexuality as a social phenomenon, social construct, and identity. As an academic field, Gender and Sexuality Studies views sexuality and gender as social identities shaped by oppression and privilege.