WEST Undergraduate Lower-Division Courses

Through critical analysis, this course focuses on how systems of inequality are maintained and perpetuated, with an emphasis on the concept of social change. 

  • Approved for LAS Social Science area and Cultural Diversity requirements.
  • 3 Credits

Introduction to natural science and its methods for non-science majors. Focuses on women's participation in both the formation of scientific concepts and the development of methodology. Modern concepts of science and mathematics with an emphasis on women's contributions to these fields will be presented. Also offers a feminist critique of the traditional methods of science. 

  • Approved for the LAS Natural Science area requirement.
  • 3 Credits

Through critical analysis, this course will examine the impact that categories of difference have on our lives, the history of discrimination in society, and how systems of inequality are maintained and perpetuated.

  • Approved for Cultural Diversity requirement.
  • 3 Credits

This course uses Hiphop as a medium to explore identity narratives in U.S. culture. It is not a chronological history nor an exhaustive study of Hiphop culture, but a practical use of Hiphop as a tool to access multiple dramas in converging identity developments across the United States with global effects.

  • Approved for LAS Humanities area requirement. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Explore-Arts, Humanities, and Cultures.
  • Prer., WEST 2010.
  • 3 Credits

This course explores the fictional and biographical narratives of black women writers around the globe for intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, religion and other positionalities in their socially and historically contextualized experiences.

  • Approved for LAS Humanities area requirement.
  • 3 Credits

Introduces students to current theories and methods in Native American Studies. Designed to give students a foundation in the discipline, providing needed historical and political background.

  • A preliminary course to undertake the Certification in Native American Studies offered by WEST.
  • Prer., WEST 1010.
  • 3 Credits

Allows lower-division study of a specific topic.

  • Cannot be repeated for credit.
  • Prer., WEST 2010
  • 1 Credits (Minimum) 4 Credits (Maximum)