Rock the Vote: You Decide

Image of two UCCS students smiling and looking at textbooks while sitting outside On March 10-14 2014, UCCS students will have the chance to vote online in the annual SGA election. Voting will include the following Student Wellness Fee Referendum:

Are you in favor of the construction of a new state of the art integrated Student Health Center and University Counseling Center that expands both space and services?  The expanded services include hiring of additional health providers, adding a health promotions department, adding free physical and mental health events, expanding clinical rotations and internships for students, enhancing alternative medicine programs, and providing a variety of workshops and counseling sessions designed to assist students in managing anxiety and stress issues. The increased fee will reduce the student co-pay per visit from $30 to $15 for a minimum of five years. The construction will result in a Student Wellness Center that is inclusive of physical health, mental health, nutrition, and physical fitness amenities co-located in the Recreation Center.  

The estimated construction cost for the expansion is $3,553,000 and will be financed by issuing bonds to be repaid by an increase in the student fee.  This will be a permanent increase to the fee of $35 per semester ($17.50 in summer), with the increase effective fall semester 2014.  The increased fee is anticipated to generate approximately $330,190 in fall 2014, $370,930 in spring 2015, and $62,422 in summer 2015 for a yearly total of $763,542. This amount has been determined as the funding necessary for the costs associated with the construction of the new center as well as the enhanced services.

Info Graphic with text: Leading the Way: If the Student Health and Wellness fee passes, UCCS will be among       a select group of only a few universities in the Country to have an integrated  	  Wellness facility with all its health, wellness and recreational services under one roof.