The Need for Growth

Image of two UCCS students smiling and looking at textbooks while sitting outside As UCCS experiences record growth, its current Student Health and Counseling facilities and staff struggle to meet the growing student demand for health and counseling services on campus. The implementation of the Student Wellness Fee would provide critical funding for campus programs and allow for additional services and resources. 

  • The Student Health Center sees more than 2,400 students per year (not including emergency and urgent care) with only 1-2 providers on staff each day. Funding from the Student Wellness Fee would allow for the hiring of additional providers, resulting in shorter wait times and increased efficiency.
  • The Student Counseling Center's small staff of clinicians struggles to meet the needs of the growing student population on campus. National organizations, including the American Psychological Association and the American Counseling Association, recommend a clinician to student ratio between 1:1,100 and 1:1,500. UCCS currently sits at 1:3,500, which slows response time to non-emergency cases, and has resulted in a wait list of students.
  • Since it's opening in 1997, the Health Center has been unable to fund the hiring of additional medical providers. During that time, student enrollment has increased by 38% from 6,493 to more than 10,500. With an increased number of providers, the Health Center would be able to better meet student needs, now and in the future.
  • The Counseling Center has seen a significant increase in demand that has corresponded to the enrollment growth on campus.  Current enrollment indicates the need for 7 full-time clinicians on staff; however, the Counseling Center currently employs only 3. Increased funding would allow the center to hire additional staff to better meet student needs.
  • Many universities are able to staff dietitians, psychiatrists, and health promotion staff members to provide services to students. Because UCCS does not currently have the funding for these positions, gaps in programming and service delivery exist.  Funding received from the Student Wellness fee would allow for the hiring of these positions, resulting in the ability to deliver a wide array of new services to students.
  • The Counseling Center has seen a sharp increase in psychological crisis and emergency events on campus in recent years.  In the fall of 2009, UCCS responded to 16 such incidents, and by 2012, that number had increased to 46, putting more of a strain on the limited staff available to respond to those situations. In fall 2013, the Center had 72 emergency and crisis cases.
  • Administrative and support staff at the Health Center are limited, forcing immunizations, student health insurance, and front office duties to be handled by the same position. This leads to delays in processing and longer wait times for students needing service. An increased support staff would improve efficiency and decrease student wait times.

Info Graphic with text: Leading the Way: If the Student Health and Wellness fee passes, UCCS will be among       a select group of only a few universities in the Country to have an integrated  	  Wellness facility with all its health, wellness and recreational services under one roof.