Fee Comparison

Image of two UCCS students smiling and looking at textbooks while sitting outside

Putting it in Perspective: A Comparison of University Health Fees

The current Student Health Fee at UCCS is $25 per semester for a full-time student, which is the lowest in the state.

Some fee comparisons of other Colorado schools:

  • Metropolitan State University of Denver/University of Colorado Denver - $31.20
  • Ft. Lewis College - $61.50
  • University of Colorado Boulder - $69.86
  • Colorado School of Mines - $86.00
  • University of Northern Colorado - $191.70 (combined with rec center fee)
  • Colorado State University Ft. Collins - $148.00
  • University of Denver - $234.00

Image of a text box with text: Implementation of the new Student Health and Wellness Fee would result in  	better response to students’ physical and mental health needs, smaller co-pays for services, and the addition of new programs to enhance health and wellness.