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Did you know that UCCS is experiencing record-breaking enrollment this year with over 10,500 students?
As our student population continues to grow, the Student Health and Counseling Centers are working hard to meet increased demand, but their ability to provide adequate access to care is being stretched. Consider this:

  • The Student Health Center currently has only two medical providers to see over 2,400 students per year.
  • With stress as a leading cause of student hardship with academics, the Student Counseling Center is in high demand, but lacks sufficient clinicians to serve everyone in a timely fashion.
  • In Fall 2012, the Counseling Center treated 46 emergency and crisis cases. In Fall 2013, the Center had a total of 72 emergency and crisis cases.
  • With the existing funding structure, the Health Center has been unable to increase its staff of medical providers since it opened in 1997.
  • Of the 4-year colleges in the state, the UCCS Student Health Center fee is the lowest student fee for this type of service, making it impossible to provide the services students expect from a health center.

For more detail on the needs for increased funding, please click here.

Image of highlighted text box that states: The Facts: In a recent National College Student Health Survey, 30% of UCCS  		students polled reported Stress as a factor affecting their academics.

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What if we could solve many of these current growing pains, while providing increased access to care and resources?
The proposed Student Wellness Fee would result in a number of benefits to UCCS students:

  • Lower co-pays at half the current cost through Spring 2019.
  • Shorter wait times for services.
  • Integration of all student health and wellness services into one, state-of-the art facility on campus to increase convenience, efficiency and expand services.
  • The confidentiality and anonymity of all services coordinated in one location.
  • Wellness-based programming, outreach and free workshops on topics like nutrition and stress management.
  • Individualized plans to meet student health and wellness needs.
  • Improved student access to care and resources with the addition of key staff including increased medical and mental health care providers and a campus Wellness Coach.
  • Opportunities for UCCS student interns, clinical rotations and practicum experience.

For more detail on the benefits of the fee, please click here.

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On March 10-14 2014, UCCS students will have the chance to vote online in the annual SGA election. Voting will include the following Student Wellness Fee Referendum:

Are you in favor of the construction of a new state of the art integrated Student Health Center and University Counseling Center that expands both space and services? The expanded services include hiring of additional health providers, adding a health promotions department, adding free physical and mental health events, expanding clinical rotations and internships for students, enhancing alternative medicine programs, and providing a variety of workshops and counseling sessions designed to assist students in managing anxiety and stress issues. The increased fee will reduce the student co-pay per visit from $30 to $15 for a minimum of five years. The construction will result in a Student Wellness Center that is inclusive of physical health, mental health, nutrition, and physical fitness amenities co-located in the Recreation Center.  

The estimated construction cost for the expansion is $3,553,000 and will be financed by issuing bonds to be repaid by an increase in the student fee. This will be a permanent increase to the fee of $35 per semester ($17.50 in summer), with the increase effective fall semester 2014. The increased fee is anticipated to generate approximately $330,190 in fall 2014, $370,930 in spring 2015, and $62,422 in summer 2015 for a yearly total of $763,542. This amount has been determined as the funding necessary for the costs associated with the construction of the new center as well as the enhanced services.

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