Enrollment Process

Application & Registration

To register for a Weekend University class, you must Apply* to UCCS first.

*If you have been enrolled at UCCS in the past 3 semesters, log into myUCCS Portal to register for a Weekend University class.

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Bill Estimator


Transfer Student Application Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking and
Graduate Student Application
  1. Become a UCCS Registered User
  2. Fill out UCCS Application
  3. Claim Your Account


REGISTER: Log into myUCCS Portal
  1. Log into myUCCS Student Portal
  2. To view Weekend University courses, select Additional Search Criteria and then Choose Weekend University as the Session.
  3. Pay for class
* Enrollment between the start of the session and census date is available only if you have been attending the class.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition is only a portion of your total bill for a semester. Mandatory fees are also charged. Visit Student Financial Services for more information about fees and financial aid availability.

After the session starts, you may enroll in the class that you have been attending. Your bill is immediately due after enrollment.


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