Web Services


Website Design

Website design has come a long way in the past 20 years. It's not simply enough to have a website anymore. You need high quality content that is not only device agnostic and friendly but also able to speak to both human and robot, read search-engine, viewers.

Web Development

Web Development involves the creating of a new interactive application that runs through a web browser. There are many similarities with website development, but where most websites are meant to serve as a passive medium for transmitting content (images, text, video, music) to content consumers, web development attempts to create something that is more dynamic and interactive often with a eye to creating new content.

Content Quality

We want to assist the UCCS community in creating high-quality content for the web. This can range from working on an overall content strategy and assessing the information architecture of a site to the nuts-and-bolts of spell checking and accessibility analysis.


We understand that creating a website can seem like an overwhelming process. We're here to help. Web Services offers regular training courses for working with Ingeniux. Due to the nature of the topic there's a fair amount of HTML and CSS covered as well.

SEO and Analytics

Search Engine Optimization, while not necessarily a new topic, is still a bit of an art. There are many ways to help improve your page rankings with the search engines. Some are obvious and some of them are quite subtle.