Web Services

Content Quality Reports

December 1, 2015
Web Services has been tasked with identifying and notifying site owners about their responsibilities associated with owning content on the UCCS website.

Goals and Requirements: Content on the web is consumed by a global audience.  What is said and how it is said in some way reflects back on the entire University.  The goal is to create periodic reports that will help identify sites which may contain stale content as well as accurately maintaining who owns which portions of the UCCS website. 

Milestones: Web Services needs to determine how accurate the existing site owner information is.  There should be emails sent out to site owners in the next few weeks to verify information as best we can.  After that the plan is to create periodic reports concerning pages/sites that haven't been updated in a long time.  

Contact:  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact Craig Decker.