Student Success Highlights


  • UCCS Athletics: 2017 Women’s Soccer Tournament Champions, 2017 Women’s Basketball Tournament Champions, and 2017 Men’s Golf Tournament Champions
  • 27 Consecutive semester with 3.00+ student-athlete grade point average
  • UCCS Athletics Conference Champions: 2017 Women’s Soccer, 2018 Women’s Indoor Track&Field and 2018 Women’s Golf
  • Student athletes completed their 28 Consecutive semester with 3.00+ grade point average in the Spring of 2018
  • UCCS Student Athletes completed 4,250+ community service hours, ranking #11 in all NCAA Division II.
  • Zach Hall, former UCCS Baseball student athlete, was drafted to play professional baseball for the Colorado Rockies.
  • Skylyn Webb won the NCAA National Championship in the 800M run and then represented UCCS at US Olympic Trials.  This was the first individual National Championship won by a UCCS Women’s Track & Field athlete.

Academic Advising

  • Academic Advising Mission: Partnering with students to successfully navigate college
  • 17,800 one-one student meetings this year and 61,100 individual student interactions to assist students with transitioning into UCCS, exploring educational goals, developing strategies for college success, and making progress towards graduation.
  • Primary outreach to students for the almost 4,000 early alerts submitted by faculty this year
  • Leading campus retention and persistence efforts through transformative advising initiatives such as required first year advising, multi-semester student planning, and online advising access for students.
  • Continuing students who meet with their advisor enroll in an additional 1.15 credits on average the following semester (+8190 credit hours in 2017-2018), are 11.3% more likely to be full-time, and 9.7% more likely to be at 15 credits or higher.

Auxiliary Marketing

  • Since August 2017, Auxiliary Marketing Services has distributed over 8000 copies of the Commode Chronicle, with over 250 ads featuring Auxiliary Services and campus activities. That’s over 2 million nudges to get involved for staff, faculty, and students using the restrooms on campus!
  • In the spring of 2018, we implemented 220 new table tents in all the dining areas on campus, allowing for 1208 advertising spaces each month.
  • From August to May, the campus shuttles carried over 380,000 riders—all of whom were exposed to interior shuttle bus ads and posters at the bus kiosks across campus produced by Auxiliary Services Marketing.
  • In the past 6 months in Aux Services Marketing, we have begun the strategic marketing planning process for all clients, purchased a drone for aerial photography and film, implemented table tents and digital signage in the shuttle buses, hired a new social media manager, implemented a design group to mentor staff and students, taken over leadership of the programming team, revived the texting program for the Commode Chronicle, gained access and permission to use eComm resources, and added sidewalk signs to our offerings.

Chancellor’s Leadership Class (CLC)

  • Received 798 interested applicants for CLC during the 2018 recruitment cycle (increase of 28% from 2017)
  • Exceeded CLC fundraising goal for the fourth consecutive year ($160,000 annually)
  • Average GPA:  3.89
  • Ethnic Diversity:  27.5%
  • First Generation:  25%
  • 150+ Alumni

Dining and Hospitality

  • Opened Pinney’s Café in the Ent Center to provide service for students, faculty and staff during business hours and patrons during performances
  • Instituted an enhanced Student Manager training program
  • 40 hours a week given to Sustainability Wellness Learning (SWELL) graduate students working in Food Next Door
  • Hired new Director and Executive Chef Residential dining served 166,960 meals, an increase of 29% from 2017. (According to the pos we served 118,390 in 2017)
  • Served 74,716 servings of French Fries
  • Provided on campus employment to 310 students
  • Purchased $14,932.07 of cage free eggs
  • Served  4470 Antibiotic Free Hamburgers
  • Served 8,132 LBS of Natural meats

Disability Services and University Testing Center

  • 1017 active students currently are enrolled with Disability Services; a 16.5 % Increase over fall 2016; doubling in number since 2012; this is 6% of the undergraduate population– serving 10% of the overall student population to include graduate students
  • 28% of students with disabilities are veterans
  • 72% of students registered with disabilities qualify for testing accommodations, 5,000 exams proctored each year
  • Students with disabilities have a 69.5% Retention Rate compared to the overall UCCS Retention Rate of 66.2%
  • 80% disabilities of the disabilities are hidden, these conditions are not readily apparent
  • The largest disability population served (28%) is PSYC- includes Anxiety NOS and GAD at the highest percentage in this category, followed by PTSD at 101 students identifying, then Depression and Bipolar with 29 students.
  • 23% of the disabilities are Physical/Systemic and include back disabilities, epilepsy, diabetes, fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy and cancer… among the highest disability types within this category.

Family Development Center (FDC)

  • In 2017, 62 UCCS students awarded CCAMPIS child care subsidy scholarships of between 28% and 50% of their tuition costs, which was increase of 32%.
  • The Family Development Center serves nearly 160 families for children ages 1-5.

International Affairs

  • UCCS hosted 18 visiting scholars in the 2017/2018 Academic year.
  • 243 total international students from 46 countries (graduate=110 / undergraduate=88 / Intensive English Program=36 / Exchange/Other=9) - Fall 2017.
  • 178 UCCS students abroad in 24 different countries for service learning, internships, and education abroad in 2017-2018. This is a 123% increase in Study Abroad numbers over the past three academic years, from 80 students during the 2014-2015 Academic Year. 
  • International students contributed $429.4 million to the Colorado economy and UCCS international students contributed $8.6 million to the local Colorado Springs economy (2017 Open Doors Report at


  •  MOSAIC piloted support programs and resources for undocumented students
  • MOSAIC continues to support 13 cultural/identity based student organizations
  • MOSAIC hosted 85 programs with 3455 attendees last year
  • The LGBT+ Resource Center at MOSAIC led UCCS’ participation in the National Campus Pride Index. UCCS achieved 4.5/5 for LGBT+ student support and inclusion
  • LGBT+ Resource Center at MOSAIC built partnerships with local nonprofits to host a southern Colorado regional summit for LGBT+ students, educators, and allies
  • MOSAIC partnership with CU Anschutz Medical Campus to provide UCCS students from underserved backgrounds mentorship on their path to medical school is thriving

 Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs (OVMSA)

  •  2000+ military-connected students enrolled per semester
  • 10% of UCCS faculty and staff have served in the military
  • 20% of UCCS students are military connected
  • 88% of military-connected students agree that UCCS makes a great effort to help its student veterans transition to the university and be successful
  • 3000sqft – newly renovated student veteran success center (McCord-Herbst Student Veteran Center)
  • 84% retention rate
  • 1 in every 4 students at UCCS is connected to the military.

 Recreation and Wellness

  • 88% of students who used any of the Wellness Center services in the spring semester graduated or returned to UCCS for summer and fall classes and on a Wellness Center satisfaction survey this fall, 92% of students who use Wellness Center services say they are helping them stay in school and be successful
  • Since integrating and co-locating the Recreation and Wellness Center, the Recreation Center has seen visits increase 34% and the Wellness Center has had a 115% increase in appointments since integrating health, mental health, nutrition, and wellness promotion.
    • Campus Recreation visits were 125,000 and Wellness Center visits were 11,732
  • Campus Recreation designed and built a new 27-foot tall, 1,000 square foot climbing wall at the request of the Campus Recreation Student Advisory Board members
  • Campus Recreation awarded 39th Best Campus Recreation Center according to the College Consensus Top Campus Recreation Centers Rankings.
  • The Wellness Center offers two free cooking classes each month with healthy, organic food options that are supplied through a Green Action Fund grant.
  • Seven different internship, practicum, and training programs provided within the Recreation and Wellness Center

Res Life/Housing

  • 1751 beds available for students to live on campus (including 300 upper-division apartments).
  • The FDC is one of the only fully accredited early childhood centers in Colorado springs, and completed a successful NECPA re-accreditation visit in June 2018, with no areas of improvement identified.
  • 18% higher retention rate for resident freshmen who participated in clubs and events.
  • Theme floors for Fall 2018:  Wellness, Leadership, Colorado Living
  • Living-Learning Communities for Fall 2018:  Nursing, Engineering, Education, Criminal Justice, Golf/Sport Management, Mountain Lion 360
  • The brand new Academic Commons spaces will open for the Fall 2018 semester in Copper and LaPlata Houses.

Student Life

  • 18,880 student I.D.s swiped at Student Life sponsored events
  • 18% higher retention rates for freshmen who participate in student clubs and events than for those students that do not participate in either clubs or events
  • 206 registered clubs and organizations/5% increase from 2016-2017.
  • 56% increase in the number of registered clubs and organizations over the past 10 years (*from 132 in 2008/2009 to 206 in 2017/2018)
  • 2,471 club and organization events
  • 10 all-time event attendance records broken during 2017-18 Clyde’s Kickoff and Disorientation Weeks
  • 94% of freshmen who attend New Student Orientation are able to identify ways of getting involved on campus
  • 3.59 - The average GPA of all active 2017-2018 LIVE Leadership Cohort members
  • 56% of 2017-2018 LIVE Leadership Cohort members are engaged in known leadership roles within the UCCS Community.  Examples include a lead Student Ambassador, Scribe Editor, SGA Election Commissioner, and the Incoming Residence Hall Association President.
  • 81.25% of all LIVE leaders from the 2014-2015 LIVE Cohort that completed the program had graduated within 4 years
  • 31.25% of all active 2017-2018 LIVE Leadership Cohort members are ethnically diverse
  • 3.0 – Sorority and Fraternity combined GPA
  • 3.084% -Cumulative GPA of students participating in service events presented by Student Life
  • 41% of students participating in service events presented by Student Life during the 2017-2018 school year were ethnically diverse.
  • 20 – Number of community service partners with the Center for Civic Engagement & Service
  • 783 – Total number of tickets sold for the 2018 Significant Speaker event
  • 986 – Total overall attendance at Student Life sponsored Platinum Series (Diversity and Inclusivity themed) events
  • 300K annually allocated to clubs and organizations by the Student Government Association (SGA)
  • 27K – number of flags displayed on the west lawn during Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • 4K – amount of donations Student Life received
  • 2nd Place sectional tournament showing by the UCCS National Academic Quiz Bowl Team
  • Mountain Lion Leadership Council created, adopted, and promoted the new UCCS Creed, a code of ethics by and for students; new UCCS Creed video to be rolled out in Fall 2018

UCCS Bookstore

  • Donated $20,000 towards the UCCS Family Development Center Scholarships for UCCS students
  • Donated over $2,400 to 26 student clubs and departments for student-centric events
  • Expanded "Day One" course materials program from one course and 50 students to this spring’s participation of 41 courses and 2,800 students.  This program significantly lowers costs for students compared to traditional textbooks and provides access to course materials on the first day of classes, which is shown to improve greater overall success in the classroom.
  • Textbook rental program saved students an estimated $210,000 by renting over 6,000 textbooks.
  • Assisted over 230 VA/VOC students in obtaining their course materials benefit


  • Added two bee hives to help pollinate farm and provide learning opportunities for students
  • Increased volunteers to provide experiential learning on farm techniques
    • 23 individuals volunteering for a total of 235 hours
    • 3 Groups comprised of 33 students for a total of 116 hours


  • 80.6% retention for non UNIV FR 2016 UCCSlead cohort (n=186). 
  • 645 students participated in UCCSlead during the 2017-2018 academic year
  • 1,671 students have participated in UCCSlead since 2015
  • As of June 21, 788 students have enrolled in UCCSlead for the fall 2018 semester (35% increase in enrollment from this point last year)

UCCS Presents

  • University Center and Event Services
    • UC supported over 18,000 events in 2018 including supporting of over 3,000 student specific events, and provides over $600,000 in funding to student life in support of student activities. 
    • The Conference Services operation sees over 25,000 guests from off campus each year including over 5,000 summer bed nights in residence halls and will gross upwards of $1 M in this fiscal year. 
    • The UC plays a critical part in operating the Ent Center for the Arts and oversees the Front of House and Box Office Operations that supported over 125,000 attendees in its first four months of operations.
  • Artist Series and Education & Outreach
    • Artist Series announced its first full season featuring the very best of dance, music and spoken word from around the world.
    • Executed strategic partnerships with KCME and the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.
    • Received Grant Funding from the Western States Arts Federation, a stunning achievement for program just starting.
  • Education
    • Named a Kennedy Center partner in education.
    • Running a summer of performing arts camps.
  • GOCA
    • $20,000 pledged for GOCA’s second ever endowment, the Bill Burgess Emerging Artists Fund - halfway to goal.
    • GOCA concludes wildly successful originally produced traveling exhibition "Senga Nengudi: Improvisational Gestures", after 3 years, 5 venues including Henry Art Gallery (Univ. of Washington), Contemporary Art Center (New Orleans), DePauw University Museum (Chicago), USC Fisher Museum (Los Angeles), garnering high critical acclaim nationally, as well as revenues of $10k - in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver.
    • Hired a new Artistic Director, Caitlin Lowans. She begins on August 1st.
    • Oklahoma! was the hot ticket for Theatreworks this season. Moving into the Ent Center definitely peaked people’s interest, but it was also a great show! It has been 12 years since a musical was last seen on a Theatreworks stage.
    • Amadeus received a Henry Award Best Actor nomination for Mark Robbins’s performance of Antonio Salieri.

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