Reddy Arts Experience Scholarship

Reddy Arts Experience Scholarship - Deadline May 10, 2019 at 5pm

Scholarship Details
“The Arts Experience” offers awards of up to $1000 to support travel that enables students to complete creative projects, research, art-specific workshops, internships (or similar). These projects should constitute a significant educational experience for the applicant. Proposals should describe the intent and objectives of the project and show how this project will enhance, transform, support the growth of the applicant. Examples of fitting projects include the completion of location-based-study, archival research, experiencing arts/performance, creative works; or a combination of these. Interdisciplinary projects in the spirit of VAPA are especially welcome.

Applicants must be undergraduate VAPA majors, currently enrolled, and meeting academic expectations. Projects must be completed before the completion of degree. Funds must be spent by the end of the following academic year.


  1. A project abstract (250 words)
  2. Answer the following questions:
    • How will this project benefit your personal and professional trajectory?
    • How do you envision using these funds?
    • What are the potential outcomes? 
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Proposed Budget (see example below)

*If the project is dependent upon acceptance into a program, internship, workshop, please submit a letter acceptance or current proof of application. Awarding of funds will be dependent on eventual acceptance.

Budget Example
Please include a list of any other funding sources, amounts applied for, and whether those funds have been secured.

Description of Expenditures Expected Cost
Airline/gas/car rental fare from Colorado Springs to location $xxx
Board for x number of days $
Materials $
Per diem  
Museum fees  







Public Presentation
After completion of the project, awardees must offer a public presentation, event, exhibition, concert, lecture-demo, screening, performance, community-interactive event, etc. that demonstrates the value of the experience and shares that value with the community. Public presentations must be completed by the end of the following academic year.

Submission Information
Submit a single PDF with the 4 proposal requirements (see Proposal section above) to VAPA Chair Suzanne MacAulay at Applications are due by 5pm on May 10th, 2019.

Award Decision Timeline
Committee selection will be made on May 14th.