Student being advised.


with High School GPA Under 3.0

Have you decided on a major? While many students come in to college with a major in mind, most will end up changing their major at least once and usually in their first year. Through the University Studies Program, students will discover their strengths and talents, and explore possible majors, all while taking a required GPS course entitled 'Leadershop'. Students should contact their academic advisor to discuss their goals and to develop their academic plan.

Undecided with High School GPA under 3.0 - Success Plan

Everyone knows that goals have a great deal to do with why students decide to go to college. College isn't usually someplace people "drift" to because they don't know what else to do. It's a destination they select because they are, in fact, "going places." University Studies wants to help undecided students explore student strengths and talents to help students select and then validate their major/career decision - to find the right fit, right away, to save time and money.

Support Inside the Classroom

Students admitted to University Studies at UCCS have the opportunity to launch into their college career in a brand-new experience designed to help students reach their goals. Undecided Students with a high school GPA below 3.0 take a "Compass Curriculum" required, general education course, called Leadershop (GPS 1010). Leadershop is designed to help students learn more about themselves and their individual strengths and talents, while learning what it takes to be a leader. One of the most important things that students should do in college is to get to know more about themselves and GPS 1010 is the foundation course for this. In addition to enrolling in GPS 1010, students will work with their Academic Advisor during orientation to complete the rest of their fall schedule.

Support Outside of the Classroom

Academic Advising

All Undecided Students have an Academic Advisor who is their primary point of contact during their first year at UCCS. The Academic Advisor serves as a mentor who encourages, motivates, and connects students to campus-wide resources. Students in University Studies will spend time with their Academic Advisor and other resources to learn more about themselves and their academic/career goals.

Students will work with their Academic Advisor to make sure that they are taking the right classes, at the right time, to progress toward the degree program that they have chosen. If students change their degree, their Academic Advisor is a great go-to guide to help students go over the requirements of different degree programs as well as to help select courses to explore different majors/degree options. Click here to access advising guides for the majors/minors offered at UCCS. Students may schedule an appointment with their Academic Advisor by calling 719-255-3260 or may come in on Mondays as a walk-in anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (please note: Academic Advisors take lunch from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.).

Excel Centers

UCCS has five Excel Centers that support student academics: Communication Center, Languages and Social Sciences Center, Math Center, Science Center, and Writing Center. Research has shown that students who utilize the Excel Centers earn an average of a whole letter grade higher than those that do not use the Centers. The Excel Centers offer a unique program of academic support to help all UCCS students succeed in every aspect of their academic career. For students in University Studies, the Excel Centers will work with students in their GPS 1010 courses to help connect them to the resources the Centers offer to help students be successful.

Career Center

The UCCS Career Center offers a variety of support for students in University Studies including interest and personality inventories, resume development, career exploration and more. To schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor, students may call 719-255-3340.