2019 URA Cohort Awardees

Undergraduate Research Academy
2019 Awardees


Priming Resolution of Tip-of-the-Tongue States

Angela Bowen & Dr. Lori James


Investigating the Functional Significance of a Drosophila

Arizonae Gene (GI10528) in Fertility

Jeff Callan & Dr. Jeremy Bono


Understanding the Influence of an Adversary in Social Networks

Brandon Collins & Dr. Philip Brown
Computer Science


Nonlinear Acoustic Damping: Single Baffle Combustor

Joseph Day & Dr. Matt Quinlan
Mechanical Engineering


Economic Transactions and Team Characteristics

Christopher DeValle & Dr. Brian Payne
Finance & Mathematics



Elucidating the Role of Small RNAs in the Lyme Disease


Allie Hall & Dr. Meghan Lybecker


Development and Evaluation of a Survey to Assess Changes in Youth Biking Competency, Enjoyment, and Intentions

Darena Herschler & Dr. Joseph Lee
Health & Wellness Promotion


Synthesis of Bis-Triazoles
Max Hexom & Dr. Allen Schoffstall


Three-Dimensional Strain Mapping in Highly Porous Structures

Ryan Kight & Dr. Todd Bredbenner
Mechanical Engineering


Stress, Personality, and Risky Decision-Making

Connor McKone & Dr. Mary Coussons-Read


Social Stress in Transgender Memoirs

Ally Moseley & Dr. Tre Wentling
Sociology & WEST


Hybrid Approaches for Malware Detection

Jordan Pattee & Dr. Byeong Lee
Electrical Engineering


Characterizing the Impact of Translocations on Genome

Organization and Gene Expression

Yulia Shatako & Dr. Andrew Klocko


Investigating the Role of the Gene Caper in Neurodegeneration

Meg Super & Dr. Eugenia Olesnicky Killian


Engineered Antibody Against Lupus

Briana Vigil & Dr. James Kovacs
Biochemistry & Sociology