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Communique items for Friday, Sept. 30


To the stars. Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak shared a Seven-Year Growth plan for UCCS with faculty and staff this week at her first forum of the fall semester. The plan, approved by the CU Board of Regents in June, calls for increases in students, faculty, staff and programs on the campus as it strives to become America’s premier regional research university. To review the PowerPoint slides used by the chancellor, visit http://web.uccs.edu/ur/pam/Sept2005forum.ppt.
Sustainability more than recycling. Authors of a series of recommendations for making UCCS work not only for the current generation but for those who succeed us presented their ideas at the first forum for the fall semester. To see the Sustainability Committee’s Inventing the Future report, visit http://www.uccs.edu/~internal/.
Clean, green and celebrities. What does UCCS have in common with such celebrities as Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robin Williams? All are proud owners of a Prius – one of the hybrid gas/electric vehicle offerings from car manufacturer Toyota. (MORE)
Web support. As part of a reorganization of services within Information Technology, a new Web support department will soon be created, according to Jerry Wilson, director, Information Technology. The new department will be responsible for implementation of a new Web “portal,” implementation of a content management system to make updating pages easier, assisting campus departments with improving web pages and, the inevitable, “other duties as assigned.” Heading the department will be a familiar face, Kirk Moore, a former department employee who left to start his own Web consultation firm. He will return to the campus Tuesday.
Organizer bunny. Sergeant Jim Spice of the Campus Police Department is known for his seemingly limitless abilities to keep police activities organized and paperwork up-to-date. This trait, along with a high level of commitment to the department and the community, led Spice to Employee of the Quarter honors. Spice, a member of the department since 1998, first became familiar with the department as a student employee while completing his bachelor’s degree in psychology. Spice works four ten-hour shifts weekly with Thursdays and Fridays as his days off.  Want to see a police officer smile? http://web.uccs.edu/ur/comm_email/Jimspiceeoq.jpg.
Cops, coffee and donuts. You can meet Spice and other members of the campus police department beginning at 8 a.m. Wednesday in University Center 116. This annual event is part of the department’s continuing efforts to get to know the campus and its community members.
Who are you going to call. Campus telephone directories should arrive by Oct. 30, according to the telecommunications department. A directory will be delivered for each campus telephone extension, including student residence halls and apartments, at no charge. Extra printed copies will be available for purchase at the Bookstore. An updated Web-accessible version will be available at http://www.uccs.edu/directory/directoryb.htm
What effect will increased gasoline prices have on the economy? Tom Zwirlein, professor, Business, thinks we ought to be ready to don our cardigan sweaters as energy costs increase. To see Zwirlein’s thoughts on other likely effects of higher energy costs, visit http://www.uccs.edu/~ur/media/mediawatch/view_article.php?y=mediawatch_articles&article_id=13964.
Nontraditional advertising. Have you seen the straw bales on campus? No, it isn’t the latest effort to attract wildlife, it is the advertising campaign for Back to the Bluffs. So what is Back to the Bluffs? Well it’s a cowboy up, miniature golf, art show, family day, soccer, and comedian filled weekend. All these events will be packed into Friday, Oct. 14, Saturday, Oct. 15 and Sunday, Oct. 16. For more information about the events visit the UCCS calendar of events http://tle2.uccs.edu/webcal/month.php?date=20051001 or contact Elaine Thomas at 262-3128.
Referendum C debate. Organized by students, UCCS will host a debate about Referendum C. John Hazlehurst, a former member of the Colorado Springs City Council, will argue for the statewide ballot issues that ask if the state can keep excess revenues during the next five years. Douglas Bruce, El Paso County Commissioner, will argue against the measures. The event is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Oct. 18 in room 116 of the University Center.
Bioinformatics anyone? Entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, small business owners and university faculty and staff interested in biotechnology and bioinformatics should check out two upcoming CITTI workshops. On Oct. 20, CITTI will host the SBIR/STTR Proposal Workshop and, on Oct. 20-21, the BIOT-5 Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Symposium. To find out more, visit http://citti.uccs.edu/.
Forum on federal relations. A campus forum to discuss the university’s relationship to the federal departments of defense and energy was held this morning and drew approximately 45 people. Those who attended heard brief presentations from the CU System’s Jeff Cheek as well as David Schmidt, professor, Engineering, Chris Hill, professor, History, Kee Warner, associate professor, Sociology, Rogers Redding, vice chancellor, Academic Affairs, Katie Collins, student co-executive, and Bill Sulzman, Colorado Springs. Tom Huber, dean, Graduate School, moderated the 90-minute discussion. Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak offered opening remarks and pledged future forums.
Can affordable health care be quality care? More than 80 campus and community representatives were in place this morning to hear various perspectives on the future of health care as part of a discussions sponsored by the campus-based Center for Colorado Policy Studies, along with CSU-based Colorado Institute of Public Policy. For more information on the conclusions of the experts, visit http://web.uccs.edu/ccps/index.html or contact Daphne Greenwood, professor, Economics, 262-4031, dgreenwo@uccs.edu.
Communique is the on-line newsletter for UCCS faculty and staff. It is published weekly and sent to faculty and staff e-mail lists and, by request, to other e-mail addresses. Previous issues are available at http://web.uccs.edu/communique.htm. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Send ideas to ur@uccs.edu or call Tom Hutton, 262-3439. Suggestions and comments are welcome. Send ideas to ur@uccs.edu or call Tom Hutton, 262-3439.