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Communique items for Feb. 3

“Just do it” was the water cooler buzz this week as faculty and staff debated if placing a fraud alert on personal data following a campus security breach was worthwhile. Arguments for the alert: zero cost for 90 days, ease, and peace of mind. Arguments against:

For more on the data breach and how you can prevent computer security breaches, click here

$1 million on its way. Hank Brown knows how to soften up a crowd. In an open forum this week, CU’s president announced that $1 million would be transferred from the CU System to UCCS (MORE).

Late enrollment spring courses planned. Efforts to assemble late enrolling graduate and undergraduate spring classes, including courses over Spring Break are underway. Next week’s Communique will have more details.

Chancellor forum. Chancellor Pam Shockley’s February forum will be at 11 a.m. Thursday in the University Center Theater. The forum will feature an overview of CU legislative activity, updates on enrollment and diversity initiatives, and a presentation by La Vonne Neal, dean, College of Education, about the college’s goals. All faculty and staff are invited. Refreshments will be served.

Joining forces. The UCCS Gerontology Center and Colorado Springs-based Dunn and Associates, Inc., will join forces to develop a new retirement community in southwest Colorado Springs. (MORE)

Freedom Song ready to sing. Colorado Springs is not frequently mentioned in the same breath as Chicago, Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles. But later this month, Colorado Springs will join those great American cities in the launch of Freedom’s Song, a national curriculum designed for middle- and high-school students to learn about African-American history. Colorado Springs was selected because faculty in the UCCS College of Education led the development of the curriculum. A VIP reception is planned for 5:30 p.m. Feb. 17 in the Lodge. A UCCS campus launch is scheduled for 4 p.m. Feb. 23 in the Lodge and a Pikes Peak Community College launch is scheduled for 9 a.m. Feb. 24. For more information, contact La Vonne Neal, dean, College of Education, 262-4111, lneal@uccs.edu, or visit www.freedomssong.net

Nominations sought. The Thomas Jefferson Awards Committee is seeking nominations for this prestigious all-CU award for award this spring. Nominees should advance the ideals of Thomas Jefferson including broad interests in literature, arts and sciences and public affairs, a strong concern for the advancement of higher education, a deeply seated sense of individual civic responsibility and a profound commitment to the welfare and rights of the individual. The nomination deadline is March 15 and nominations are limited to 20 pages and must include the nominee’s current resume and at least three supporting letters. Nominees may be CU faculty, students or staff. For more information, contact Linda DeLeon, professor, Graduate School of Public Affairs, ldeleon@carbon.cudenver.edu

In the news

  • The Center for Entrepreneurship within the College of Business and Administration was profiled by the Colorado Springs Business Journal in the Feb. 3 edition. To see the story, click here.
  • The recent college-graduate recruitment market was the subject of a Colorado Springs Business Journal article that quoted Vanessa Ea, coordinator, Career Services. To see the story, click here
  • Daphne Greenwood, professor, Economics, was interviewed by KRDO, #13 Feb. 1 about the retirement of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. To see the story, click here.
  • A campus data security breach prompted coverage by several media outlets Jan. 31. To see the KRDO broadcast, click here
  • A campus seminar for educators about how to teach in a culturally responsive way drew the attention of the Colorado Springs Gazette. To see the story, click here

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