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Communique items for Feb. 24

Freedom’s Song launches. The first national curriculum developed at UCCS was unveiled to local VIPs and to both the UCCS and Pikes Peak Community College campus communities this week. The curriculum, originally designed for middle and high school students, will be a catalyst for discussions throughout the spring semester. To see a list of future events and photos from the VIP reception, click here (MORE).

Wetter water. How should fast-growing unincorporated El Paso County ensure its future? A report from the Center for Colorado Policy Studies recommends small water districts begin planning now before the Denver Aquifer is depleted. (MORE)

Slack off or move ahead? Interest in late-enrolling spring semester classes continues to grow as UCCS offers students a choice between time off and the chance to move forward. Ads will soon appear in the Scribe, on video screens in the University Center, on campus buses, and in the Colorado Springs Independent.  But the best form of advertising remains word-of-mouth. Faculty and staff are encouraged to make students aware of efforts to allow them to complete their studies as quickly as possible. (MORE)

Middle school invasion. As part of its effort to encourage young people to consider careers in science and engineering, the College of Engineering and Applied Science today hosted more than 500 southern Colorado middle schoolers as part of an Engineering Challenge. The students participated in events ranging from rubber band-powered car racing to math “Jeopardy.” (MORE)

Chancellor’s Forum. Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak’s next all-campus forum will be 2:30 p.m. March 8 in the University Center Theater. Anticipated topics include a presentation from Susan Szpyrka, director, Public Safety and Auxiliary Services, about the bookstore and copy center, and presentations by Leslie Manning, dean, Kraemer Family Library, and Tom Christensen, dean, College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.

One of ours is over there. David Fenell, professor, Education, and an Army Reserve officer was recently activated. Fenell is now on assignment far away from Columbine Hall and students in the counseling program. This is Fenell’s second activation since the war in Iraq began in 2001. Those interested in participating in a morale booster drive (small donations of candy, movies, books, etc) are encouraged to contact Diane Alberico, dalberic@uccs.edu, or 262-3626.

Spirit Day. Every Friday is “Spirit Day” at UCCS with discounts available on clothes at gifts at the bookstore and free ice cream.

Did you know?
96 percent of seniors are satisfied with their UCCS education and 95 percent would recommend their degree program to other students. (Source: Office of Institutional Research Graduating Senior Survey Highlights)

Who’s new
Dana Hass began as a custodian 1 with the Office of Residence Life and Housing Feb. 20.

In the news
The possible move of the Math Department from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences to the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences was chronicled by the Colorado Springs Gazette. MORE

A launch of fundraising efforts Karen Possehl Women’s Endowment, part of the CU Foundation, was included in the Colorado Springs Business Journal. MORE

Dena Samuels, instructor, Women’s Studies, and Abby Ferber, associate professor, Sociology, were quoted in an article about making Black History Month more relevant in Tolerance, a web-based publication of the Southern Poverty Law Center. MORE

Tom Zwirlein, professor, Business, published a column in the Colorado Springs Gazette about the importance of increasing personal savings. MORE

President Hank Brown’s comments about CU’s recovery and UCCS were included in a story published by the Grand Junction SentinelMORE

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