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Oct. 12, 2007  Communique

Economy withers but won’t fail. The Colorado Springs economy is taking hard hits as companies leave the area, soldiers are deployed, and higher mortgage interest rates hit families on the margins. But Colorado Springs has fared better than many areas of the country and a rebound will likely occur late in 2008, according to speakers at the 11th Annual Southern Colorado Economic Forum Thursday. The forum, which drew more than 500 to a downtown hotel, was organized by College of Business faculty members Tom Zwirlein and Fred Crowley and offered a peek into the future of the southern Colorado economy. (MORE)

Community member support. Fervor to assist a local family whose child suffers from a rare disease reached a new peak this week. UCCS officials provided honorary Mountain Lion status to Kayla and Josh Woodhouse of Widefield. The Woodhouse family was selected for ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” receiving a new home, car, and dozens of other gifts. Kayla Woodhouse suffers from a rare neurologic disorder.(MORE)

Daniels Fund honors UCCS students. Jason Gaulden, program officer, Daniels Fund, and chair of the UCCS Alumni Board visited campus Thursday to help recognize 14 students who received the first Daniels Opportunity Scholarship for Military Students. Gaulden spoke about the legacy of Bill Daniels, a cable television entrepreneur, who did not attend college but established a foundation to help others to achieve a bachelor’s degree. (MORE)

Creating a better Colorado. Food, shelter and jobs can be easily taken for granted. But the loss of one or more necessities can be terrifying. Donald Mares, executive director, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, urged state employees to join together to help others as pledge forms for the Colorado Combined Campaign were distributed this week. A kick off lunch is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. Wednesday in UC 303. For more information about the campaign or to reserve space at the lunch, contact Iris Naro, program assistant, Public Safety, inaro@uccs.edu, 262-3288, or Tina Collins, administrative assistant, Office of the Dean of Students, tcollins@uccs.edu, 262-3258.

Flu preparedness is emergency preparedness. Stephanie Hanenberg, director, Student Health Center, didn’t mince words, telling faculty and staff attending a forum that “it isn’t a question of if we’re going to have a flu outbreak but when.” Hanenberg, was joined by Robert Wonnett, interim vice chancellor, Student Success, Susan Szpyrka, associate vice chancellor, Administration and Finance, and David Moon, associate vice chancellor, Academic Affairs, and Brian Foltz, emergency preparedness coordinator, University Police, in outlining decisions UCCS would face in a flu outbreak or other widespread disaster.

Clouds, alpha particles and you. Jim Burkhart, professor, Physics, will teach participants in the next Café Scientifique how to build a cloud chamber (we’re told that’s different than a smoking den) as part of a presentation “Clouds, alpha particles and you.” The fun begins at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 16 at Poor Richard’s Book Store, 320 N. Tejon,

Seeing red. It’s rare when the Resource Management Division is positive about anything associated with red. But again this year, the department is coordinating efforts for a campus blood drive in cooperation with Memorial Hospital. The drive will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 30 and 31 in UC 303. Make an appointment by contacting Brad Bailey, 262-3397, bbailey3@uccs.edu.

Have a say in the future. A forum to set the priorities for the new UCCS Strategic Plan will begin at 11 a.m. Oct. 25 in UC 303. The forum will be interactive with participants having the chance to indicate preference for which university’s goals should be tackled first. (MORE)

Office space. Beginning Friday, copy rooms, mail rooms and offices will begin shuffling, mostly in Main and Cragmor halls. Of note are moves of the CU Foundation offices to Main Hall’s third floor, Veteran’s Affairs to Cragmor Hall, Recruitment and Outreach to first floor Main Hall, the Colorado Institute for Technology Transfer and Implementation staff to third floor Main Hall as well as moves by the Alumni Relations and University Relations offices. Just to keep things interesting, areas previously assigned to mail and copy rooms will also shift. Phone numbers should remain the same and working.

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