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Communique items for Jan. 27

Millionaires next door. High-ability students from the Pikes Peak Region will be eligible for scholarships covering books, tuition and fees at either UCCS or Pikes Peak Community College, according to an announcement made this week that made public the details of a Fountain couple’s charitable trust. For more on the Kane Family Scholars Program, click here

Riggs recognized. Jerry Riggs, the retiring director of the Gallery of the Contemporary Art, was profiled in this space as well as by the Gazette and the Independent. So what further honors were bestowed on Riggs before he headed for the mountains and daily ski runs? Riggs is the First Quarter 2006 Employee of the Quarter. In his nomination letter, Alexander Soifer, professor, Letters Arts and Sciences, said “when the choice was personal job security or helping others, Gerry always chose the later – a rare commodity you would agree.”

Be honest. Or else. A memo this week from President Hank Brown strongly encouraged faculty and staff with fiscal responsibilities to complete an on-line ethics course or risk losing such privileges as having an A-card or access to financial databases. Brown, a certified public accountant and lawyer, called the current response rate “unacceptable.”

Need information on how to take the course or to double-check to see if your name is on the “right” list? Contact Mickey Mendez, mmendez@uccs.edu, or 262-3397.

State of the University and more. President Brown will visit campus Feb. 1. Faculty and staff have two opportunities to interact with him. Beginning at 6 a.m. in the Chancellor’s Conference Room, Brown will have open office hours and encourages faculty and staff to visit with him regarding any issues. A second chance is at 10 a.m. when Brown will address faculty and staff in UC 303. He will also field questions at that time. Between the meetings, he will join Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak in welcoming new employees.

So, who is new?

Oksana Glushchenko accepted a position as an accounting technician with the Resource Management Division effective Feb. 1.

Eric Schneider accepted a position as an Information Technology Professional with the Information Technology Department effective Feb. 1.

Lloyd Ward accepted a position as an Equipment Operator with the Department of Public Safety effective Feb. 1.

State of the Campus. Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak will have her regular campus forum at 11 a.m. Feb. 9 in the University Center Theater. Anticipated topics include an update on actions in the General Assembly.

Staff enrichment. La Vonne Neal, dean, College of Education, and Barbara Gaddis, director, Student Retention and Excel Centers, will headline Staff Enrichment Day Feb. 3. The day’s events begin at 8 a.m. and continue until noon. To RSVP or for more information, contact Cindy Brown, cbrown@uccs.edu or 262-4344.

Who is in near space (it’s not the person in the next cubie) and why is it important? The Colorado Institute for Technology Transfer and Implementation will sponsor the first Near Space Symposium Feb. 2 and 3 to explore the practical application of near space and technology improvements to meet applications. For more information – and a definition of near space – visit http://www.citti.uccs.edu/citti/space05.php


Ed Chow, professor, Computer Science, was recognized Jan. 10 as the UCCS New Inventor of the Year by the CU Office of Technology Transfer. Chow, a member of the faculty since 1991, teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Web programming, electronic commerce, computer architecture, computer and multimedia communications, computer security and computer networks. His research includes Web security and high-speed networks. Prior to joining the faculty, he was a visiting scientist for IBM and Fujitsu Lab Kawasaki.

Terry Boult, El Pomar Chair of Communication and Computation, and professor, Computer Science, was recognized Jan. 10 as the UCCS Inventor of the Year by the CU Office of Technology Transfer. Boult, a member of the faculty since 2003, works with the Colorado Institute for Technology Transfer and Implementation to assist faculty and local companies to develop new technologies and to transfer them to Colorado industries. His research areas include advanced visual security systems, facial recognition systems, and algorithms for efficient use of wireless networks. Since coming to UCCS, he has disclosed seven inventions and founded Securics, a local company that specializes in biometric security.

In the News

  • What a difference a zip code makes. John Harner, associate professor, Geography, was quoted in a Gazette story about the many ways zip codes are used beyond delivering the mail. To see the story, click here
  • How do seasonal jobs affect the Colorado Springs economy and the overall unemployment rate? Fred Crowley, associate research professor, Business, explained it to the Gazette. To see the story, click here
  • News about the Kane Family Scholarship did not stay quiet for long. Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak and Vice Chancellor Jim Henderson were quoted by the Gazette. To see the story, click here
  • Employers want nurses and students are interest in the field. So why the bottleneck? Carole Schoffstall, dean, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, explained it to the Gazette. To see the story, click here 

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