UCCSTeach is a collaborative teacher education program offered through the College of Education and the College of Letters, Arts & Science. Students enrolled in UCCSTeach complete a four-year undergraduate degree in mathematics or science (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) and simultaneously complete 32 credits of course work in the UCCSTeach program. The program focuses on middle and high school math and science teaching (grades 7-12) and upon successful completion; students will have met all the requirements to apply for a Colorado teaching license.

UCCSTeach is designed to get students into the classroom as early as possible. Students begin co-teaching in actual classrooms during their first UCCSTeach course! This early exposure to the classroom helps students to see if teaching is a career that they would like to pursue. UCCSTeach emphasizes an inquiry-based model of teaching/learning.

Not exactly. UCCSTeach provides you certification after successful completion of the program that enables you to obtain your teaching license from the Colorado Department of Education. Your degree will be conferred separately through the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

The UCCSTeach program is 32 credit hours, which includes a final semester of student teaching. For more information about the UCCSTeach course sequence, please click here to view our courses.

No. Because of our early and repeated field experiences, it is important that you are available when K-12 students are in class.

UCCSTeach is a replication of the national UTeach program, which was designed specifically for the preparation of secondary math and science teachers.

The UCCSTeach program includes 32 total credit hours and is designed to be taken at the same time as your content classes in math or science. Because each student's academic situation is different, we highly recommend that you set up an initial student advising appointment with our program advisor (mpittma2@uccs.edu or (719) 255-3446 to set up an appointment). During this appointment, we will provide you with a detailed course plan and projected completion date.

Yes. All UCCSTeach participants are required to have a background check run through Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Absolutely! You may enroll under a TCRT (teacher certification) application as a post-baccalaureate student to gain teacher licensure if your undergraduate degree is in math, science, or another STEM-related degree. Post-baccalaureate students should contact UCCSTeach Program Coordinator Michelle Pittman at mpittma2@uccs.edu or (719) 255-3446 to set up an advising appointment.

As an undergraduate, you can take the first two classes in our program (UTED 1010 - Step I and UTED 1020 - Step II) without formal application to the UCCSTeach program. During the third class, you will be required to formally apply to the program.

The starting point for UCCSTeach is Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching (UTED 1010). This course is open to all undergraduates and offers undergraduates an opportunity to try out teaching with real students in local elementary schools. The next step is Step 2: Inquiry-based Lesson Design (UTED 1020). Here you build off the experiences of Step 1 to develop your instructional practices, at the middle school level. Step 1 is a prerequisite to Step 2. The major goal of both Step 1 and 2 is to offer students experiences that help them decide whether teaching science or mathematics is a career path they want to pursue.

Yes. You can take both Step courses to explore the idea of teaching and to learn more about math and science education without having to commit to the program.

Earning a teaching license through UCCSTeach is an excellent way to start your teaching career, no matter what state you choose to work in after you graduate. Once you earn a Colorado teaching license, you take it with you — even when you move to another state. If you do move to another state after you earn a Colorado teaching license, you will need to check with that state's department of education to find out what additional requirements, if any, you would have to complete to attain a license from that state. Generally, the licensing requirements are similar from state to state. However, there could be differences between Colorado's requirements and those for the specific state that you are planning to teach in after you graduate (e.g., taking an additional class or passing a state licensing exam).

Contact Michelle Pittman, the UCCSTeach program coordinator, to schedule an appointment.
Phone: 719-255-3446
Email: mpittma2@uccs.edu
Osborne Center room A331 Office A-329