UCCS Lion One Card

Information DeskThe UCCS Lion One card is a campus all in one card. Your UCCS Lion One Card will verify that you are a current UCCS student, faculty or staff member. You can check out books in the library, use campus munch money, ride the campus shuttle buses, receive discounts all over campus including the Campus Bookstore, sometimes receive free tickets to campus events, and if a housing student use meal plans and grant access to your living area. 

We have tried to make a one stop shop for the UCCS Lion One Card. Everything you need for the ID you can get from the first floor of the University Center Information Desk. Get your ID, replace the ID, place money into your Munch Money account, or talk to Ent and receive a Ent Lion OneCard.

Munch Money:
The UCCS Munch Money program is a great way to pay for food on campus. Using cash, check or charge, you place money onto your UCCS Lion One Card. You can then visit any one of our on-campus Dining and Food Services venues, like Café 65, Clyde's, The Lodge or one of our coffee venues, and purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages with ease.

The more Munch Money you load onto your card with each deposit transaction, the more bonus funds you'll receive. Here's how it works:
$0-$49 | No additional dollars added to the Munch Money funds
$50-$99 | Add 5% to the Munch Money balance. For example, load $50 and receive $52.50 in Munch Money funds.
$100-$199 | Add 10% to the Munch Money balance.  For example, load $100 and receive $110.00 in Munch Money funds.
$200 > | Add 15% to the Munch Money balance. For example, load $200 and receive $230.00 in Munch Money funds.

Munch Money can be added to your card at the University Center Information Desk, or through UCCS Residence Life and Housing.

Munch Money accounts will expire when the following occurs:
Lion One card holder no longer has an official relationship with the University (example: student is no longer enrolled, faculty member retires, staff person resigns) Balances on expired accounts are forfeited after one year of inactivity Munch Money is non-refundable.

If you are having trouble with your UCCS Lion One Card, stop by the University Center Information Desk and they will be able to help you. If you have an Ent Lion OneCard and are having debit/atm issues, you will need to stop next door and talk with Ent.

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