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UCCS Ent Lion OneCard: 

  • Ent is the official financial services partner of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
  • Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to receive a campus Ent Lion OneCard, a combination campus ID and Debit/ATM card.
  • The Ent Lion OneCard will be your Campus ID and grant you all the same campus functions as the regular Campus ID card .
  • The Ent Lion OneCard offers Debit/ATM or ATM-only functions through a partnership with Ent. If you choose to open an account with Ent, your Ent Lion OneCard will let you access your Ent account from any ATM on or off campus, or any CO-OP Network® ATM surcharge free! Your UCCS Ent Lion OneCard Debit/ATM card will also work at any location that accepts VISA® or PIN based transactions.
  • If you are interested in or have any questions about the UCCS Ent Lion OneCard, please stop by Ent’s on campus branch in the University Center, visit Ent.com/LionOne, or call Ent at (719) 574-1100.
  • Problems with your Ent Lion OneCard?
    • Debit/ATM functionality issues, contact Ent at (719) 574-1100.
    • Campus ID functionality issues, contact UCCS University Center at (719) 255-3450.

We want you to know:
As part of the UCCS Ent Lion OneCard program, no UCCS student, faculty or staff information is shared with Ent outside of account opening. Similarly, UCCS does not have access to any account information you may choose to share with Ent.
Ent Credit Union is federally insured by the NCUA.