Posting Guidelines

General Information 

Posting of advertisement on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus will be permitted in designated place, time and manner. With the exception of permanent university signs, the posting of signs, flyers or other advertising materials is prohibited in the following areas: 

  • All parking lots 
  • All streets and roads including but not limited to any area designed primarily for vehicular traffic 
  • All asphalt surfaces
  • All vertical surfaces, including building vertical surfaces, unless specifically designated by these regulations 
  • All doors
  • All windows 
  • All stairs and stairwells including exterior stairs
  • All classrooms 
  • All exterior areas of the El Pomar Center, Kraemer Family Library, Main Hall, and Cragmor Hall
  • All bulletin boards owned and operated by specific campus departments. 
  • All fences
  • Any vehicle parked on campus including private and University owned vehicles 
  • Walls, pillars, benches, bike racks, and trash cans
  • All signs and sign posts
  • All light posts 
  • All environmentally sensitive areas including but not limited to storm water collection points, native grass areas, and newly seeded grass 
  • On the Mountain Lion Statue, its base, or any other artwork on campus