Bulletin Board Posting Guidelines

General Information 

Unless controlled and maintained by another UCCS Department or Organization, all bulletin boards are controlled by the Director of the University Center. Bulletin boards are available to both University and non-University users. 



  • All materials posted must receive a stamp/sticker at the University Center Information Desk or the UCCS Copy Center. The desk and/or Copy Center does not review the content of the materials other than to ensure that they contain 3 points of contact information:
    • For on campus or student groups the 3 points of contact must contain:
      • Department name/individual or group name
      • Email/Website/address
      • Phone Number
    • For off campus or student groups the 3 points of contact must contain:
      • Name of an individual person
      • Email/Website/address
      • Phone Number
  • All materials posted on campus must be attached to bulletin boards. A maximum of 29 flyers may be verified for an event or program, and flyers may not be larger than 11 x 17 inches. 
  • Materials are removed every first and third Sunday of each month. In special circumstances, UCCS Programs and services may be publicized for the duration of the semester 
  • All materials posted without an verification sticker will be removed and destroyed. All materials posted on walls, windows, glass, doorways, machines or other locations inappropriate for posting will be removed and destroyed 

Locations (29 total)

  • Centennial Hall (5)
    • 1st Floor: Outside of rooms 145, 192, 113, 103, 102
  • Columbine Hall (4)
    • Floors 1 - 4: Hallway east of elevator and all stairwells 
  • Dwire Hall (1)
    • 1st Floor: College of Business: East and North Hallway 
  • Engineering Building (4)
    • 1st Floor: West side of central foyer (half board), across from room #105, inside Computer Science Dept. next to #194
    • 2nd Floor: Inside the Physics Office Near room #222
  • Osborne Center for Science and Engineering (7)
    • Floors 1 - 4: Across from Elevators 
    • 3rd Floor: Across from B-348A
    • 4th Floor: Across from A-432A and A-426
  • University Center (3)
    • 1st Floor: Across from UC game room by restrooms 
    • 1st Floor: Outside of south University Center entrance by loading dock 
    • 2nd Floor: Outside of Berger Hall by elevator 
  • University Hall (5)
    • 1st Floor: Two outside room 144
    • 1st Floor: Near student lounge area
    • 2nd Floor: Hallway by north-east elevator 
    • 3rd Floor: Hallway near room 302