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This Military Transfer Credit policy is designed to reflect the academic content obtained through military instruction, including, but not limited to, basic training, noncommissioned and staff noncommissioned officers courses, leadership training classes, international deployments, military language institutes, and the military equal opportunity programs (EOP).

Core academic credits are awarded based upon the American Council on Education recommendations, while other elective credits are awarded based upon military training. Some points to consider:

1. How the transfer credit will apply to graduation requirements, will vary depending on school/college and major.

2. This process is only for new students (before or during their first term).

3. Approved military transfer credits can fulfill a variety of requirements depending on the training, but many will apply to general education or general elective credits, which may reduce the amount of credits needed to graduate.

For students seeking to enter professional colleges (i.e. Nursing, Engineering, Business), military transfer credits can fulfill many elective requirements.

However, if elective requirements are complete, this may limit the options for course selections during your program. This can be an issue for students who need to keep a full time course load for GI Bill usage. 

Each student is encouraged to talk with your academic advisor to learn more about this option.

Military Training Transfer Information