DANTES Subject Standardized Tests

All colleges at UCCS accept DSST exam credits per the table below. Applicability may vary by college. Please contact an advisor in Academic Advising  for score interpretation and degree applicability.

DSST exam equivalency decisions are made based on when the exam was taken, not when the student matriculates to UCCS.

Exam Name Minimum Score UCCS Equivalent Semester Hours
Astronomy 52 PES 1999TC 3
Criminal Justice 52/428 CJ 1001 3
General Anthropology 53 XFCR 1999TC 3
Introduction to Law Enforcement 52 CJ 1999TC 3
Money and Banking 65 ECON 4500 3
Principles of Statistics 48/400 MATH 2999TC 3
The Civil War and Reconstruction 52 HIST 1520 3

Note 1: Courses ending in "999TC" indicate that department credit is given, but that there is no direct equivalent course at UCCS. Courses that begin with XFCR are granted general elective credit, but do not confer departmental credit.
Note 2: Additional DSST exams are offered, but are not currently accepted at UCCS.