Transfer Credit Appeal Process

State guaranteed courses under the State Guarantee General Education (gtPATHWAYS) policy will transfer to any four-year institution in Colorado to satisfy general education requirements. Other nonguarantee courses are evaluated individually and within 30 days of date of admission. The procedure for appealing a decision involving the acceptance of coursework from a Colorado community college for credit toward a degree is as follows:

  1. Students must file an appeal within 15 days of receiving their transcript evaluation by writing the office responsible for transfer evaluations at UCCS. The student should complete and return a petition form to Academic Advising, Main Hall, 2nd floor. The form will be forwarded to the appropriate authority within the college. The decisions made in the transcript evaluation will be binding if the student fails to file an appeal within this time frame.
  2. UCCS will respond within 30 days in writing to the student appeal.
  3. If the dispute cannot be resolved between the student and UCCS personnel within 30 days, the student may appeal in writing to the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) at The student has 15 days from receipt of the written UCCS notification to file an appeal.

Information concerning the appeal process is available at Academic Advising, Main Hall, 2nd floor.