The Key to Financial Aid is Applying Early!

  • Meeting the FAFSA priority deadline makes a difference for receiving institutional aid.
  • Applying to UCCS early helps you get on track to apply for scholarships.


  • No scholarships start in the Spring semester- all scholarships are awarded on school year basis for the fall and spring
  • Scholarships application opens December 1- you must be an admitted student to apply for scholarships
  • Many scholarship deadlines at UCCS are around March 1
  • Search for scholarships at UCCS using our search function here:

UCCS Financial Aid

  1. Complete your FAFSA by March 1 (or add our school code 004509 to your existing FAFSA)
  2. We’ll send you an award letter based on the information from your FAFSA
  3. You will enroll for classes which will create a bill.