Trauma, Health & Hazards Center

Past Research

CASA Warning System Innovation Institute

Principal Investigator: Ceadar League

Disaster Resilient Rural Communities

This research examines the question “how does access to online information effect the perception of individual and collective resilience in rural communities across all phases of disaster?”

Early Trauma Intervention: Web Development Project

This project looked to utilize social cognitive theory to develop a stand alone early intervention website for trauma survivors.

Motor Vehicle Accident Trauma

This study utilized social cognitive theory to understand recovery process involved with MVA trauma.

SupportNet Program for Frontline Providers

Principal Investigator: Dr. Charles Benight

Terror Management Theory & Social Cognitive Theory

Current study focuses on survivors of domestic violence in the U.S. and Poland.

Traumatic Stress and Burnout Utilizing Social Cognitive Theory

An ongoing project focusing on the importance of social and individual resources in managing secondary traumatic stress and job burnout.

The Warning Project

This study looked at warning perceptions for flash floods and tornadoes in Denver Colorado and Austin Texas residents