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Trauma Registry

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Brain Health Training Study

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of a cognitive training program that may improve functioning in adults with histories of either concussion (also called mild traumatic brain injury or head injury) or post-traumatic stress.

EASE Project

This project's goal is to develop a web-based intervention that automatically adjusts to user's responses to provide the most optimal service depending on user's emotional and physiological states.

Stress & Learning

Purpose: This study plans to learn more about how a history of stress/trauma, head injury, and/or chronic pain are related to memory, learning, and attention performance.

EpiGS study

Purpose: This study examines how traumatic experiences such as combat exposure can be passed onto offspring through an epigenetic mechanism called DNA methylation.

SupportNet Research

Help evaluate SupportNet: a program designed to reduce secondary trauma and burnout in those behavioral health clinicians.

Brain Health Study

Principal Investigator: Judith Bock