California Wildfire Recovery Study

PI: Dr. Charles "Chip" Benight, Ph.D.

Funded by The National Science Foundation

Study Description

Our study is a collaborative study between the University of California, Santa Barbara, University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The study looks at how people cope with the aftermath of the recent wildfires and the mud slides in your area.

What do I get for participating? 

You  and  your  child  (if  you  have  children)  will  be  provided  $20.00  for  each  segment  of  the  study  for  a  total  of  $140.00  each.  Adults who  complete  the  entire  study  will  also  be  entered  into  a  raffle  for  a  $50  Amazon  gift  card.  


If you are interested in participating, please contact the study coordinator, or 805/517-4588

People We are Recruiting

  • Speak and comprehend English
  • Located within a fire or mudslide-affected neighborhood.
    • In this case, the affected-neighborhood means within 3 blocks of damaged or destroyed home or knowing someone who had significant damage or death associated with the disasters.
  • Have a smart phone.
  • If you have a child between 10 to 18 years old, we would like to ask him/her to participate in the study as well.
  • To see the survey that we will ask your child to complete at the beginning of the study, please click here.

PIcture of wildfire