How to Schedule


How to schedule an exam with the UCCS Testing Center (3 steps)

  1. Talk with your professor to get permission to make up the exam you will miss.
    If you are going to miss an exam or need to make up an exam, talk to your professor as soon as possible. Your professor must grant permission for you to be able to make up your exam.

  2. Request make up exam with UCCS Testing Center.

Log in to Starfish:

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Click on the bars in the upper left hand corner of your screen and select Raise Your Hand.

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From the Type dropdown, select Request make-up exam with the UCCS Testing Center, select the Course your make-up exam is for, and type in your reason for missing the exam in the Details box. Click Submit. An automated email will be sent to the UCCS Testing Center as well as your professor notifying them of your exam request.

  1. Schedule time for make-up exam

Log in to Starfish:

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Click on the bars in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and select My Success Network.

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Search for UCCS Testing Center in the Search services and people box.

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Click Schedule Appointment, select Make-up Exam, and then select the date/time in which you would like to schedule your make-up exam. *Note that you will schedule your make-up exam with Karen Klein.