Faculty Information

The University Testing Center is available to proctor an exam for your student. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a test appointment with the Center and pay the $30 testing charge.  

Student Procedure:

  • Give the (blue) Testing Center Form to your instructor before each scheduled exam. Complete Part I on the form.
  • Ask your professor to deliver/email the completed Form (with professor's signature) to Disability Services & University Testing Center.
  • The student must have prior permission from the instructor to take the exam with the University Testing Center.
  • Students have the responsibility to follow the UCCS Academic Honor Code  while testing.
  • All materials, including cell phones and electronic devices, are not allowed in the testing room.

Faculty Procedure:

  • Complete Part II of the (blue) Testing Center Form, including your signature, delivery location and proctoring information prior to the exam date.
  • Deliver test to Disability Services & University Testing Center via at dservice@uccs.edu.
  • Exam materials must be identical to those provided in the classroom.

Delivery Locations:

  • ENG 201 – Engineering Department
  • ENG 274 – Math Department
  • CENT 141 - Chemistry
  • CENT 241 – Anthropology
  • Osborne B-348A - Biology
  • Osborne A-432A – Mechanical Engineering
  • COLU 2025 – LAS Dean’s Office
  • DWIR 235 – COB Support Office
  • ACAD 102 Mail Room
  • UH Mail Room – University Hall Mail Room

*Completed exams can also be picked up from Main Hall 105 or may be scanned/emailed to instructor by request.