Service Charges

Service Description Cost
New Wiring Analog or VoIP/Data $330.00 per line
Port Connection Fee for connecting new wiring to the network. Only applicable if new wiring is not installed through Telecommunications as the new wiring fee includes the port connection fee. $165.00
Analog phone number
(i.e. fax, credit card, etc.)
New activation, move or deactivation
Wiring must exist - if there is no existing wiring, the new wiring charge applies
$77.00 per hour



Equipment Charges

Part Description Cost
Cisco IP Phone 8845 Standard ten-line phone with video $270.00
Upgrade to Cisco IP Phone 8845 from Cisco 7945 (two-line phone) $70.00
Upgrade to Cisco IP Phone 8845 from Cisco 7965 (six-line phone) $40.00
Standard handset cord 12 inches coiled, stretches to 8 feet Comes with the phone
Long handset cord 18 inches coiled, stretches to 12 feet Free