For an explanation of all of the physical buttons on the Cisco VOIP phones, click here (PDF).

Phone Settings

Display instant help about buttons and features
  • Press the ? button once, and then press a button or soft key.
  • Highlight a feature in the Directories, Settings, or Services menu, then press the ? button twice quickly.
Change the ringer sound
  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Press 1 for User Preferences.
  3. Press 1 for Rings.
  4. Use the Navigation button to scroll through the list of ring types and press the Play soft key.
  5. Highlight the ring and press the Select soft key.
  6. Press the Save soft key.
  7. Press the Exit soft key until you are back to the main screen.

To change the number of times your extension rings before going to voicemail, contact Telecommunications Services.

Adjust the volume

For handset, speakerphone, or headset volume, press the up or down Volume button during a call. Press the Save soft key to save the setting for all calls. If you are changing the volume just for the current call, do not press the Save soft key.

For ringer volume, press the up or down Volume button while not on a call. The setting will be saved automatically.

Basic Phone Features

Place a call
  • Lift the handset and dial the number - or -
  • Press the line button for your extension, then dial. The line button illuminates steady green for an active call. - or -
  • Press the Speaker button, then dial - or -
  • Press the New Call soft key, then dial - or -
  • If you are using a headset, press the Headset button, then dial.
Answer a call
  • Lift the handset to auto-answer the first line.
    • To answer a secondary line, lift the handset and press the flashing orange button. By default, auto-answer is turned off for all lines except the first. If you would prefer to use auto-answer for all numbers on your phone, please contact Telecommunications Services. This also applies to the use of the speakerphone and headsets.
  • To use the speakerphone, press the Speaker button.
  • Press the Answer soft key (auto-answers all lines) - this will activate the speakerphone if the handset is on the hook. If you are already on a call, it will put the first call on hold.
  • If you are using a headset, press the Headset button.
End a call
  • Press the End Call soft key - or -
  • Hang up the handset - or -
  • If you are using either the speakerphone or a headset, press the corresponding button.
Redial a number

To redial the most recently dialed number, press the Redial soft key.

View call logs
  1. Press the Directories button.
  2. Select Missed, Received, or Placed Calls.
  3. Highlight a call record and then press the Dial soft key to call the selected number. Alternatively, you can press the Speaker button, press the Headset button, or lift the handset to call the number.

Note: Each log stores up to 100 entries. If cleared, Telecommunications Services cannot recover the entries.

Dial from a directory menu
  1. Press the Directories button.
  2. Use the Navigation buttons to navigate the menu items and the Select button to select the appropriate directory: Missed Calls, Received Calls, Placed Calls, Personal Directory, or Corporate Directory.
    • If using the Personal Directory, you will need to log in first. The User ID is your IT account username; the PIN is set at the website - this is not the same as your voicemail PIN. The entries in your Personal Directory are what you set them to be on the website. Click here for more information.
  3. Press the Dial soft key to dial a selected number. Press Edit Dial to add or remove digits before dialing .

Note: If using the Corporate Directory and the results return more than 31 entries, press the more soft key, and then the Next soft key to go to the next page. To go back a page, press the Exit soft key.

Note: To enter any letter, use the corresponding number key. Press the key one or more times to display a letter. For example, press 2 once for "a", twice for "b", and three times for "c". The 0 (zero) key contains the - (hyphen) symbol. To back up, press the << soft key. Searches are not case-sensitive.

Place a call on hold
  • Press the Hold soft key. The held line button will illuminate flashing green.
  • To return to the call, press the Resume soft key or the held line button.
    • If multiple calls are on hold, use the Navigation buttons to select the desired call before you press Resume.
    • If multiple calls on multiple lines are on hold, press the line button for the line you want to switch to and use the Navigation buttons to select the desired call. Press Resume.
Transfer a call
  1. During a call, press the Trnsfer soft key. This puts the call on hold.
  2. Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call. As soon as you hear ringing, or after the party answers, press Trnsfer again.

Note: If the transfer fails, press the Resume soft key to return to the original call.

Place a conference call with up to 8 participants
  1. During a call, press the more soft key and then the Confrn soft key to open a new line and put the first party on hold.
  2. Place a call to another number.
  3. When the call connects, press Confrn again to add the new party to the call

The maximum number of conference participants is 8, including yourself.

When you initiate a conference call you are the controller. Only the conference controller can add and drop participants. To drop the last participant, press the RmLstC soft key.

Turn off phone ringer for incoming calls

Press the DND soft key. You will not hear the phone ring; instead, the phone will beep once. The line button will still flash like normal. Your screen will also post the message, "Do Not Disturb is active". Press DND again to return to normal.

Forward all calls to another number
  1. Press the CFwdAll soft key. You will hear two beeps.
  2. Enter the number to which you want to forward all of your calls. Enter the number exactly as you would if you were placing a call to that number. An animated phone icon will flash in the upper-right corner of your LCD screen and the message "Forwarded to #" will display.
  3. To cancel call forwarding, press the CFwdAll soft key.

Note: If the call is missed on the phone that the number is forwarded to, the system will connect to the voicemail box of the original number (not the voicemail of the forwarded number). Also, calls forwarded to a long-distance number will incur charges.

Answer a call in your pickup group (if configured)
  1. Lift the handset.
  2. Press the more soft key.
  3. Press the PickUp soft key.
Access your voicemail

Press the Messages button and follow the instructions.

Note: When you receive a new message, a flashing envelope icon displays on your LCD screen, your handset will appear to glow red to indicate that you have received a new message, and you may see the following message on your screen: "You Have VoiceMail".

For more information about voicemail, please select the appropriate option from the menu.

Make a long-distance or international call
  • For long-distance calls, dial 9 to dial out, then dial 1 and the area code before the number (9 - 1 - (XXX) XXX-XXXX). Please note that your department will be charged for all long-distance calls.
  • For international calls, dial 9 to dial out, then dial 011 and the country code before the number (9 - 011 - country code - phone number). You must dial the entire number and then lift the handset. International calls are disabled by default. If you need to make an international call, you will need permission from your department and you will need to contact Telecommunications Services to have international calls temporarily enabled. Please note that your department will be charged for all international calls.