Phone Settings


The first time you go to the website, you will need to confirm a security exception. The process for doing so varies depending on your web browser.

To access the site from off-campus, you will need to establish a VPN connection first.

Your username and Password are your IT credentials (same information you use to log into a campus computer). If you cannot log in, please verify that your password has not expired.

Once you have logged in, hover your mouse over User Options on the left-hand side. The following menu will display:


Basic information about your assigned device is displayed first. If you do not have an assigned device, no information will show. A search field will display instead, but will not return results.

Above and below the basic information the following options are available: Line Settings, Speed Dials, Phone Services, and Service URL.

Line Settings

Line Settings provide additional call forwarding options; Speed Dials allow you to create abbreviated dial entries. Phone Services and Service URL are currently not supported.

Line Settings will show all programmed lines (phone numbers) on your phone - if you make a change to a shared line, the change will affect all of the phones that share the line.

Speed Dial

When entering Speed Dial numbers, enter the number as if dialing it from your phone, remembering to include a 9 before any off-campus number. Click Save to apply your changes; your phone will briefly reset. Speed Dials are only accessible from your assigned phone.

To use an abbreviated speed dial:

  1. DO NOT lift your handset or press your Speaker button
  2. Enter the 1-to-3-digit speed dial code desired (numbers 1 - 200 are possible speed dial codes)
  3. Press the AbbrDial soft key and the call will be placed. Once the phone number appears on your screen, you may pick up your handset. Otherwise, the speakerphone will become active.

User Settings

This is where you change your PIN to access your Personal Directory and services on your phone. This is NOT your voicemail PIN. The default PIN is 1234. If you have issues changing this PIN, contact Telecommunications Services.


Search for users based on Last Name, First Name, User ID (IT user name), or LDAP Ext (phone number).

Personal Address Book

Setup your Personal Address Book/search for entries
  • Click on the Add New button to add a new contact. The only required field is Nickname.
  • Fill in the other fields as desired.
    • Remember to enter phone numbers as if dialing from your phone (input a 9 first for an off-campus number).
    • Entries with one or more phone numbers assigned to any of the Phone fields can be called from your phone and can be assigned to a Personal Fast Dial (see below).
  • Click the Save button.

Up to 1000 entries can be created. All entries can be searched on your phone, but information input into the Email field will only display if you press the Edit soft key after selecting an entry. Personal Directories can be logged into from any phone.

Use the Personal Address Book from your phone
  • Press the directories button and select the Personal Directory.
    • If you are not currently logged in, you will be asked for your UserID and PIN. Your UserID is your IT username; your PIN is either the default or what you have changed it to on the website under User Settings.
  • Once logged in, select Personal Address Book. You will then be presented with the option to search for a contact based on Last Name, First Name, or Nickname - please remember that only the Nickname field is required when creating a new contact. To display all entries, leave the search fields blank. Press the Submit soft key to display the results.
  • If more than one page displays, use the Next and Previous soft keys to navigate between pages. Use the arrow buttons to highlight the result you want and press the Select soft key.
  • If you have assigned one or more phone numbers to the contact, the number(s) will display. Highlight the number you want to call and press the Dial soft key to use the speakerphone or pick up the handset to place the call.

Fast Dials:

Fast Dials can be assigned to Personal Address Book entries or to phone numbers not associated with Personal Address Book entries. Fast Dials are accessed through the Personal Directory on your phone. Fast Dials can be accessed from any phone once you have logged in. You can have up to 1000 Fast Dial entries.

Create a Fast Dial entry
  • Click the Add New button. The Fast Dial field will auto-populate with the next available Fast Dial code starting with 1.
    • You can manually input any number up to 1000, but note that on your phone it will fill in the unused codes as (Unassigned) on your screen and will create additional pages as needed to space out the entries.
    • Entries are always number 1 through 50 on each displayed page on your phone - as a result, you cannot skip to an entry by entering in its code.
  • Enter in a phone number - the number can either be from your Personal Address Book (use the search options above the Fast Dial Entry box), or not.
    • Fast Dials created from a Personal Address Book entry will display with either an H, M, or W depending on which field (Home, Mobile or Work) the phone number is assigned to followed by a hyphen and the nickname of the contact.
    • Fast Dials created without a corresponding Personal Address Book entry are referred to as "raw" on the website, and will just display the phone number on your phone.
Use a Fast Dial entry on your phone
  • Press the directories button
  • go to Personal Directory (log in if necessary)
  • Select Personal Fast Dials
  • Highlight the entry that you want by using the arrow buttons and/or the Next / Previous soft keys
  • When you have found the entry you want, press the Dial soft key to use the speakerphone or pick up the handset to place the call

Mobility Settings

Currently not supported.


Currently not supported.