Students receiving this degree will have received the curriculum preparation for highly qualified teachers in math and science, increasing career possibilities. Once licensed, graduates could pursue employment as secondary (grades 7-12) math, science, technology, or Project Lead the Way (engineering) teachers. Some students may opt to continue their educational goals with graduate school.

All teacher preparation courses are taken in partnership with UCCSTeach, a teacher preparation program designed specifically to prepare math and science teachers for the classroom. UCCSTeach will provide 32 credits of teaching education toward your degree.


You will have a UCCSTeach advisor in addition to your Engineering advisor.

UCCSTeach is the name of the partner program that provides the teacher preparation curriculum part of the degree. UCCSTeach will provide 32 credits of teaching education focused specifically on classroom success, culminating in a semester of student teaching in a local classroom.


You will be able to be in a local classroom as soon as your first semester to make sure of your career path.  Continue to build teaching skills through STEM-focused pedagogy, coursework, and local classroom teaching experiences.


UCCSTeach focuses on the inquiry method of teaching, designed specifically to provide maximum student engagement in the classroom - both for you and your future students.

You will apprentice/student teach once all of your course requirements are complete - usually the second semester of your senior year. UCCSTeach will coordinate your student teaching experience in a local school with you.

The state of Colorado has requirements for classroom teachers. Highly qualified means that a teacher must hold a degree, be licensed, and demonstrate subject matter competency. Laws and requirements may change at the national and state level. For specific definitions and explanations, please visit the Colorado Department of Education www.cde.state.co.us.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Education is an initial teacher licensure degree that will prepare students for secondary teaching in both math and science in Colorado with exposure to engineering and technology. It's a multi-disciplinary degree from the College of Engineering & Applied Science, the College of Education, and the UCCSTeach program. This is a STEM teaching preparation degree for those interested in teaching at the middle and high school levels.

No. You will be prepared for licensure as a highly qualified teacher in math and science (secondary) along with engineering and technology training and coursework. You will be completing the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Education degree, which is not an accredited engineering degree, and so is not a pathway to an engineering career. This degree is designed to uniquely prepare secondary math and science teachers. Additionally, to increase your STEM skill set, you could opt to pursue STEM internships.

However, if you would like to have a degree in engineering and a degree in STEM teaching, you could opt for a double major. Your engineering education degree includes many of the same requirements that would apply toward an engineering degree. Your time to complete this degree option may vary. See your engineering advisor to discuss this degree choice.

You can focus your degree by the choices that you make in your engineering and elective courses. In the engineering section (introductory, foundation, and capstone) there are course selections that allow you to focus your degree to your interests.


Choose the options that fit best with your degree/career goals.  Use your open electives to customize your degree further.


Be sure to check with your advisors to make sure you are progressing toward your degree goals.

The best student for this degree is a student who is strong in science and math skills and wants to begin a career teaching middle and high school. Engineering and technology courses are offered in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, science and math courses are offered by the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, and the UCCSTeach Program offers teacher preparation courses. Completing this degree will give you strong STEM skills and experience.


Refer to the degree plan to see specific admission requirements and a list of courses.

The degree is designed to be completed in four years, including student teaching. Your progress toward degree completion will be a personal journey and may vary. Please consult with your advisors to determine where you are in the degree plan.

Yes! We will look at your previous college courses and determine placement and progress toward the degree.

Graduates who complete this education degree will be eligible for secondary licensure in both math and science in the state of Colorado. Be sure to check with your state for any specific or additional requirements.

You apply for this degree through the College of Engineering and Applied Science.