The Athlete's Plate

The Athlete's Plates are a visual tool designed to help sports dietitians working with athletes and athletes themselves adjust their nutrition to variable training loads when following a periodized training and competition plan. The Athlete's Plates were developed by Meyer, NL with UCCS' Sport Nutrition Graduate Program in collaboration with the US Olympic Committee's (USOC) Food and Nutrition Services. The plates were subsequently reviewed by the USOC Sport Dietitians and scientifically tested (validated) against sport nutrition recommendations. The plates are published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

The Athlete's Plate Education Program

The Athlete's Plate Education Program (APEP) provides 1) a downloadable Athlete's Plate powerpoint presentation, 2) the Athlete's Plate Education Survey (TAPES), 3) the downloadable Athlete's Plates and 4) recommendations for experiential learning.

The intent of this program is to support sport dietitians interested in using the APEP with their athletes in both classroom and experiential learning settings. A 20-30 minute presentation precedes the experiential learning session. A validated survey is used to test athletes' basic understanding of how to use the plates post-presentation. Experiential learning involves hands-on activities for athletes making their own plates (at home or in a dining hall), with the sport dietitians observing athletes' behaviors and skills with feedback provided using interactive and visual approaches. 

For the Athlete's Plate Powerpoint Presentation, click here. 

For the Athlete's Plate Education Survey (TAPES), click here. 

For experiential learning ideas, click here. 

When downloading the Athlete's Plates and/or the Athlete's Plate Education Program, you agree that the program or any component is used for educational purposes only. Permissions to use the plates in written publications or to adjust them to sport-specific or international applications should be directed to Nanna Meyer: The plates are copyrighted by the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS).