True Food

TrueFood is food for athletes who eat with integrity and respect for the planet, animals, and people.

TrueFood was born out of the Flying Carrot's Food Literacy program, recognizing that athletes too must learn where their food comes from, how and by whom it is produced, and what it means to select food with mindfulness. Specifically, TrueFood is a collaboration between the Daniel's Fund Ethics Initiative at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and is delivered through the Flying Carrot Food Literacy Team using film, resources, and recipes.

TrueFood takes a refreshed approach to sport nutrition education, integrating TrueFood principles, targeting high school athletes, their families, coaches, and teachers. The TrueFood program will build a lifelong, healthy relationship with food in active kids following USADA's TrueSport values.  

There is a need to integrate ethics and health as an innovative educational approach to help make better food choices. Additionally, more innovative programs that teach people about food and its link to agriculture are needed. Thanks to the Daniel’s Fund Ethics Initiative at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), this collaboration is possible! 

TrueFood Goals 

  • To promote nutrition through a food first philosophy before considering the use of dietary supplements.  

  • To inspire student athletes to consider the ethical aspects of food when eating.  

  • To build young athletes' understanding of where food comes from and by whom it is grown.   

  • To empower families and teams to source, cook, and share the most nutritious, seasonal, and locally-sourced food around the dinner table.   

  • To boost health and enhance performance while re-discovering food from Farm-to-Training Table!


TrueFood Principles

TrueFood Principles






The Flying Carrot has been funded through

various community partners and is currently

hosted by UCCS' Dining and Hospitality

Services. The TrueFood project is its newest

addition and funded by the Daniels Fund

Ethics Initiative at the University of Colorado

Colorado Springs.