Resources For Athletes

The Athlete's Plate

The Athlete's Plate is a visual tool that helps athletes to eat according to variable training intensities. The Athlete's Plates were originally developed by the Sport Nutrition Graduate Program at UCCS in collaboration with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) Food and Nutrition Services. The plates were subsequently reviewed by the USOC Sport Dietitians and scientifically tested (validated) against sport nutrition recommendations.

The Athlete's TrueFood Plate

The Athlete's TrueFood Plate grew out of the Athlete's Plate concept but recognizes the importance of ethical eating. TrueFood is defined as food for athletes who eat with integrity and respect for the planet, animals, and people. The TrueFood Athlete's Plates emphasize fresh, seasonal, local, and organic food. The plates also highlight the importance of humane treatment of animals and encourages families to grow some food at home, to get back into the kitchen to cook and to re-instate the family meal. 

This athlete's plate has the dimension of a placemat. Thus, it can be printed and laminated as placemats. These plates are useful reminders to focus on performance nutrition and eating more when it matters (during high intensity training). However, they also teach athletes to respect the environment, consider the farmer, make ethical choices when eating meat, and to value food beyond its simple function of fueling. TrueFood athletes are food citizens who eat mindfully, promoting good health for both their body and the planet. 


True Food