The Flying Carrot

The Flying Carrot  is an innovative mobile project that fosters food awareness and empowers individuals to improve the well-being of themselves, the community, and the planet by providing creative hands-on experiences, building cooking skills, and improving access to local, seasonal, and sustainable food. 

The Flying Carrot curriculum is simple: "Take a locally grown vegetable or two, chop it up, then toss to create a Flying Carrot recipe. Once out of the skillet, taste it, then make it. Led by University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Sport Nutrition graduate students, the Flying Carrot inspires everyone, promoting food literacy focused on healthy and locally grown food, through taste education and cooking instructions with stories from seed to plate that "change the dinner table one carrot at a time".

The Flying Carrot Team delivers food literacy to everyone but it always starts at the farm, linking growers to eaters in venues such as schools, farmers markets, at community and sporting events, and of course on campus!   

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