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Food Next Door is a student-operated adventure with a Farm-To-Table concept that has emerged through health sciences students experiencing life on the farm. Knowing where your food comes from, who grows it, and when it’s in season can offer one of life’s most precious learning lessons. Come to Food Next Door with an open mind and you will hear the stories of our foodshed, wrapped in leaves of nutrition expertise, while savoring the beauty and flavor of what’s grown here on campus and in the Southern Colorado region. 

FND sourcing

What makes our dishes so SWELL?
To protect planet Earth and boost the nutrition, health and flavor of our food we serve meals that are sourced locally or regionally and almost all ingredients are organic. Recipes are creatively inspired by what is in season and grown by our local farmers, meaning our food varies from week to week.

Questions? Please contact: swell@uccs.edu


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