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The UCCS Farmhouse is comprised of the UCCS Farm and Greenhouse with the adjacent farmhouse. The Farmhouse is the center of a seed-to-plate operation, be it for Food Next Door, campus event planning that focuses on health and sustainability through local food, or our mobile food literacy vehicle, called the Flying Carrot. The UCCS Farmhouse is also the place of food and farm based courses and allows for experiential learning in both gardening and cooking. The UCCS Farmhouse is a hub for local food literacy funded by the Green Action Fund. Students visiting the Farmhouse are introduced to topics such as local food systems, our UCCS Dining and Hospitality Services transition, and the history of the UCCS Greenhouse. The farmhouse also teaches about climate change and food, Slow Food International, traditional food systems, the history of cooking, and where to get local food direct farm-to-consumer venues such as farmers markets.

If you are interested in bringing a class to the farmhouse, please contact 

Farmhouse & Cookbook Fridays

Farmhouse 2Farmhouse & Cookbook Fridays occur periodically throughout the semester and serve the purpose of a workshop. On designated Farmhouse & Cookbook Fridays, we work together on farm and food related issues. Farmhouse & Cookbook Fridays are scheduled by semester and focus areas.

If you are interested in volunteering for Farmhouse Fridays visit the volunteer page or to request a food workshop please contact