Zip Car FAQs

What is a carshare?
A great option for car-less students! Think of it as a short-term car rental!  UCCS partners with Zipcar carsharing service. We currently have two vehicles on our Colorado Springs campus. 

How do I get started with Zipcar?
Step 1: Apply for a Zipcar account, your application will be approved after your driving record has been reviewed. This usually takes a couple of hours, but may take longer depending on what information needed to process the application. 
Step 2: Wait for your Zipcard in the mail. You will receive a Zipcard within 3-7 days after approval. You need your Zipcard to unlock/drive a car.
Step 3: Reserve a car.
Step 4: Drive away!

How do I reserve a car?
You can reserve a car on your mobile device by downloading the Zipcar app for iPhone or Android.
You can also reserve online, using the Zipcar website.
When you reserve a car, you are able to choose your car, time frame, and pick-up location.

Where are the cars located?
One car is parked in Alpine Garage and one is parked in Summit Village.

How much does it cost?
The initial application fee is normally $25, however for UCCS Students its only $15!
We have two cars on our UCCS campus: a Ford Focus priced at $7.50 per hour/$69 per day and a Ford Escape priced at $8.50 per hour/$77 per day.

What's included?
Rental fees include gas, insurance, and up to 180 miles per day (each additional mile is $0.45)

What are the age requirements?
Our agreement with ZipCar allows currently registered UCCS students that are 18+ with a valid driver's license to rent these cars.

What about gas?
There is a gas card inside each ZipCar. Please fill up the tank if the gas drops below ¼ of a tank.

Is there anything else I should know?
There are 6 simple rules for Zipcars.
1. Report Damage (and inspect the car)
2. Keep it clean
3. No Smoking
4. Fill ‘er up
5. Return on Time
6. Pets in Carriers at all times

For more information, please visit Zipcar's website.