Faculty and Staff

People involved with Sustainability at UCCS

Sustainability on the UCCS campus has a variety of supports -

  • from faculty
  • to students
  • to staff employees

All of these are interested in helping UCCS to become a more sustainable community.

UCCS employees dedicate time and resources every week to advancing and implementing campus sustainability programs. UCCS has signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, and the Chancellor and her leadership team have committed to additional sustainability-related initiatives as part of the campus strategic plan, curriculum, facilities, and operations. Spearheading many of these efforts is UCCS’s dynamic and highly effective Office of Sustainability, led by:

Linda Kogan, Director

Kimberly Reeves, Sustainability Program Manager


Faculty from across campus contribute to the minor in Sustainability through their teaching, service, and research activities. The following list highlights faculty members who actively teach courses listed in the minor, participate in the Sustainability Committee, and/or have worked on the sustainability strategic planning process.

You can find out more about the RESEARCH being done at UCCS around sustainability at Kraemer Family Library - Sustainability Research - Lib Guides

Christine Biermann, GES, Director of Sustainability minor, Co-Chair of the UCCS Sustainabilty Committee

David Havlick, GES

Nanna Myers, Health Sciences

Joel Tonyan, Kraemer Family Library, Co-Chair of UCCS Sustainbility Committee

Julie Albertson, MAE

Eric Billmeyer, GES

George Cheney, Communications

Tom Christensen, Provost (Physics)

Suzanne Cook, Languages and Cultures

Cerian Gibbes, GES

Tracy Gonzalez-Padron, College of Business

Janice Gould, WEST

Daphne Greenwood, Economics

John Harner, GES

Chris Hill, History

Curt Holder, GES

Carole Huber, GES

Tom Huber, GES, Professor Emeritus

Steve Jennings, GES

Mike Larkin, GES

John Milliman, College of Business

Janel Owens, Chemistry

Emily Skop, GES

Kimbra Smith, Anthropology

Ramon Tirado, Physics

Brandon Vogt, GES

Kee Warner, Sociology