The curriculum in the minor is structured around three main elements: a set of core courses, elective courses, and the required capstone course, GES 4800: Sustainability Seminar.

Core courses include a direct, semester-long focus on at least one pillar of sustainability: social equity, environmental protection, and sustainable economic development.

In order to fulfill the core course requirement for the minor, students must complete one course from two of the three category areas listed for the minor. For example, one course from the list of core courses in the "equity" category and one course from the "economics" category. Students are not limited to taking only two core courses, and in fact are encouraged to take more than the minimum.

The remaining category not covered by a core course must be picked up from the list of elective courses. In the example above, the student would need to take at least one course in the "environment" category - from either the core or elective lists - in order to ensure coverage in all three aspects of sustainable development.

Special topics courses, internships, independent studies, and other courses that are not listed in the minor may qualify for credit and will be evaluated case-by-case by the Director of the Sustainable Development Minor.

Core Courses

Elective Courses

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