Julie Galusky

Julie Galusky portrait

Julie Galusky

Green Action Fund Project Coordinator



I am originally from Virginia, but arrived in CO in 2010 by way of Maryland, Ohio, and Texas. I have a BA in Environmental Science from University of Virginia and am currently working on a Master's degree in Public Administration at UCCS. I am also working toward the Sustainable Practices Certificate Program at CU Boulder. My passion is working with others to impact the community for good and create healthy service organizations that will endure. Integrating sustainable practices in health and wellness, building, operations, and daily living into organizational design is a challenge I welcome.

My most sustainable impact is teaching young people how to use environmental resources wisely with sustainable principles in mind. If our thinking changes, our behavior changes. My favorite thing about UCCS is the obvious commitment to undergraduates and faculty focus on making their experience meaningful and relevant to the world in which we live. I enjoy spending time with my children, hiking, photography and writing.