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Collage of pictures on the UCCS campus - biking, solar panels, green house, clean the stream and Bestway Recycling

Catch up with us! UCCS has a wide-range of projects and initiatives on campus that are student-led, faculty-championed, and staff-engaged. Browse through our most current newsletter or learn about some of our previous events and projects from the archives. 

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November 2017 - Full Newsletter Here
Campus to harness sun to power Gallogly Events Center
Bike Month Challenge highlights benefits
Photo feature: 4th annual Creek Week
Greenwood to present at local church
UCCS partners with Zipcar to offer campus car sharing
Students to ride city bus for free
Grain School
COMM 4290-5290
ECON 2310
Ozone Garden at UCCS Collects Ground-Level Ozone through Citizen Scientists
ANTH 3430

April 2017
The Stories UCCS Wears
History of Earth Day + COS Opportunities

February 2017 - Full Newsletter Here
The Colorado Springs Sustainacenter
IDEATE - Battery Research at UCCS
CCN - Campus Conservation Nationals Kick-off

October 2016 - Full Newsletter Here
The Faces of Sustainability at UCCS
Dining and Hospitality Services earns seafood certification
Creek Week Consumes Southern Colorado

New Environmental Studies & Sustainability Course
Gallogly Recreation and Wellness earns green building award
Building a Better Campus Community

April 2016 - Full Newsletter Here
Sustainability of Economics - Interview with Daphne Greenwood
Green Action Fund has Green for Green
Hyperloop - Sustainable Transportation of the Future
Campus Conservation Nationals: Residential Students Reduce Energy

February 2016 - Full Newsletter Here
How Can Being Mindful Make You More Sustainable? 
Getting to Know You - Interview with David Rodgers
Advancing Campus Sustainability through Green Labs
Office of Sustainability Intern Program
Spotlight on New Sustainability Manager for City of Colorado Springs
UCCS Earns Designation of CO Dept. of Higher Edu 2016 Green Ribbon Award Nominee

August 2015 - Full Newsletter Here
Team Up for Bike Month
Recycling Reel: Behind the Scenes at Bestway
Tips for Biking Beginners

Faces of Sustainability at UCCS
UCCS Police Thwart Bicycle Thieves, Provide Theft Prevention Tips

March 2015 - Full Newsletter Here
Why Trails are Important for our Sustainability: Trails for People, Trails for the Planet!
Campus Conservation Nationals: 2015 Review
WinterGreen: LEED-ing the Way in Sustainability
UCCS Rides Free: The Mountain Metro Measure

February 2015 - Full Newsletter Here
Sustainability House: A Living-Learning Laboratory
Competing to Conserve
UCCS Wins Bronze: Bicycle Friendly University
Growth for the Green Team

October 2014 - Full Newsletter Here
Snapshot and Hyperlink to the October 2014 newsletter 
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