Why volunteer with the Office of Sustainability?

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If you are interested in volunteering with the office, check out the Volunteer Opportunity Calendar, or send an email to gogreen@uccs.edu.
You can also fill out this quick volunteer form. 

Find out more about different ways to volunteer with the office!

Cardboard Recycling

If you want to soak up some sunshine while you volunteer, try Cardboard Recycling! Cardboard Recycling involves loading the cardboard from various locations around campus into our E-Cart, and baling it. So, if you are available at any of the following times, our Cardboard Recycling Team would love to have you.


Armand and the ECart
Volunteer to help with Cardboard, and ride around with Jaymee in the E-Cart!

Zero Waste

Zero Wasting is designing, using and managing products and processes to eliminate all waste, and conserve, recover and recycle all resources: put simply we are helping to reduce our impact on our landfills, while engaging with and educating our fellow UCCS peers about how to live more sustainably. The Sustainability Office offers UCCS Clubs and Student Organizations option to make their events sustainable, by providing Zero-Waste Warriors or Zero-Waste-training for club-members. The Sustainability Office also Zero Wastes athletic events, so you can volunteer and enjoy watching the games all at the same time!

Alex at Ditch the Dumpster


Office of Sustainability Events

The Office of Sustainability frequently hosts its own events, often in accordance with some aspect of sustainability that we're trying to promote. We throw these events in order to show our friends and peers how easy and essential a culture of sustainability is at UCCS. We usually will need help with planning, set-up, tear-down, running tables, registration, marketing, etc. But we'd also love for you to attend or even participate in these great events too!

Student Staff at Sustainnovation

You could volunteer with these great people!    


E-Waste, or electronic waste, has to be sorted and recycled separately. Volunteer and help our Recycling Team collect E-Waste around campus, and then sort it. Helping with E-Waste is very flexible. So with a little training, you can sort E-Waste whenever you're available!       

Clare at Ditch the Dumpster


Clean the Stream + Creek Week

Why is this important? It’s common for trash and debris to end up in waterways – clogging drainage systems, impacting wildlife, affecting water quality and ruining the view of our natural landscapes. Join the Office of Sustainability as we clean UCCS' adopted waterway!

We'll walk along the greenway trail to our site, do our part by helping pick up some litter and then head back to the Sustainability Demonstration House for some lunch and to take a photo of the QR code for the event. Clean the Stream takes place 3 times per year.

creek week crew of volunteers

We are SO excited you want to volunteer with the Office of Sustainability!